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Tornado Chasers 2013 Season Pass

Hubs and Mister enjoy watching weather shows together.  They watched much of Discovery’s show “Storm Chasers” together, starring Reed Timmer, and had fun discussing the science behind the storm chasing.  Hubs and Mister would talk wind circulation and velocity, and frankly, it all swirled above my comprehension.  That said, when I received an opportunity to review the Tornado Chasers 2013 Season, I knew Hubs and Mister would be in full storm watch mode.  The 2013 Season of Tornado Chasers includes 12 episodes that run between 22-27 minutes each.   While they can be watched via the TVNWeather iOS app, on the Roku, or on Chromecast, we chose to stream through our web browser since we have a computer hooked up to our television.

watching tornado chasers

I decided to surprise Hubs with the review for our anniversary.  The look on his face was absolutely priceless.  He looked like a kid in a candy store.

When I asked Hubs what he thought, after he viewed the season, he said…

“I thought the series was great. We have watched Storm Chasers and they were great, so when they started doing there own, I was even more looking forward to seeing them. It appears they have more freedom doing the videos themselves now which makes it worth paying for a season… I did notice most of the episodes ran about the same length of and thought it would have been neat if they ran them as long as needed to show all the details of what they do for a specific storm instead of editing it so much…  I doubt they’d get complaints if they ran longer. 🙂 I hope they continue to do them.  As an engineer, I really enjoy the science behind it as they discuss what and why they are doing. The tornadoes they were able to catch this season were spectacular and his new relationship with the TV station was cool as well. It was also kind of neat to see how his neighborhood reacts to them during the storm season. I hope the data and video they continue to gather help to continue the science of learning more about how tornadoes form.”

I thought seeing the three Dominators lined up in one place was pretty cool myself.

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