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Toddler Talk Tuesday

Jen over at The Suburban Mom is starting a new Meme, “Toddler Talk Tuesday.”  I thought I would her in celebrating the funny phrases by sharing my kids’ quirky comments.

Mister is well aware that Daddy is responsible for all things technical at home.

How do I know this?

Recently, when Channel 9 (PBS) started cutting out, because of the weather, he immediately stood up and said, “Daddy, come home please. Fix it channel 9. Mommy don’t know how dis work.”

Thanks for the vote of confidence, son!

So, what funny things have your toddlers said recently?

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. LOL – I love this! See, I knew other people had great stories of funny things kiddos say. Thanks for playing!


  2. That awesome, funny how they become to have that ability to know how does what in the house. I’m sure if they needed their favorite glass cleaned or pants washed they would be yelling for mom!

  3. too cute! My daughter always wants her favorite shows to magically appear on TV even when they’re not on any channel!

  4. That’s funny. It’s amazing how early they discern which roles each of us fill in the house.