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Time You Can’t Get Back

As a parent of two preschoolers, I have learned a thing or two about how to parent.  I am by no means an expert, but I do realize that when it comes to baby, there is time you can’t get back. Did you know that the best thing you can do to help your baby’s brain develop is to talk to them. Every day. All the time.LOGO Innovate Your Baby

I’ve never been one to be quiet around my kids.  I talk to them, sing to them, tell them stories, bug them and ask them questions that require more than monosyllabic answers.  When they were infants, I would tell them what I was doing, as I did it, and why. “I’m changing your diaper because you are wet.  If I leave a wet diaper on you, it will make your skin sore.”  Many people looked at me like I had fifteen heads.  Their looks said, “Why would you tell a baby you are changing his diaper?”  I’d just smile.  I knew my baby was a novice at life, and unless I told him what I was doing, he didn’t know.

If there is one thing that I could impress upon new parents, it would be that talking to your baby goes a long way toward brain development, as well as vocabulary development.  It’s no surprise to me that my two kids have an extensive vocabulary, or that my son knows that you have to stop at a flashing red light but just have to look all ways with a flashing yellow light.  He knows because I walk them through our days with words.

Since I can’t be right there with every new parent to encourage them on, I thought I’d tell you about the “Time You Can’t Get Back – What Every Parent Needs to be Doing During Baby’s First Year” book and the companion “Baby Development Planner – Want a Smarter Happier Baby?” by Deborah White, which are based on the Innovate Your Baby program.

Time You Can't Get Back BookWant a Smarter Happier Baby Planner

The Innovate Your Baby system helps you learn to take advantage of the time they already spend with baby to help his brain develop. A few simple changes in your daily interactions with baby can give him a head start that lasts his entire life.

As a nurse, I knew the importance of talking to my baby.  Not every parent has that luxury, and I think that these books are a great gift for the parent-to-be. The set retails for $37.90 and comes with a re-usuable gift tote and fun ribbon for gift giving.

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  1. Good article and great resources. Thanks for recommending the book Time You Can’t Get Back and coordinating Baby Development Planner. I will check them out! BTW I love the baby shower gift ideas! I am always looking for something unique to give a new mommy.

  2. As a Speech Pathologist, I think this was a great post:) I encourage parents to make sure they are modeling things to say that are just barely above their child’s level, too, though!