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Time to Brush Your Teeth

I sing a song (that I made up a long time ago) to the kids when it is time to brush their teeth.  They love it, and it makes tooth brushing time more fun.

What do you do to make tooth brushing time more fun for your kiddo’s?

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  1. Awww! That is so cute.

  2. Oh boy, we had all kinds of tricks back when the kiddo was little. Now she is old enough to WANT white, clean teeth, so that’s all the encouragement she needs!

  3. We like Raffi’s brush your teeth and changed the words to a Jo Jo’s circus song to encourage brushing.

  4. hahahahah!! this is cute!!

  5. How cute! We have three different brushes he can choose from – one for him, one for me and one to brush his Robot’s teeth 🙂

  6. Very nice! Well, in my case, since my nephew is to playful for which I often get a headache, I tell him stories about the tooth fairy and how it would be a scary night for him if he won’t be brushing his teeth. But still, seldom that it works.

  7. Thats so adorable. I let Noah pick out his toothbrushes and tooth paste. He picked out an electric one and I was like you promise you will use it? He promised and he loves it.