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Time Flies

Wow.  Just wow.  Time Flies!


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As I said in my last post (has it really been two weeks?) things have been CRAY-ZY around here.  I hosted out of town family for my Sister’s wedding, threw her bachelorette party/bridal luncheon, and then was the matron of honor in her wedding on Memorial Day.

Denyse Wedding

It was a beautiful wedding, and I really thought things would slow down after that.

Then my Mom got sick and was hospitalized for a week.  Talk about scary.  My Mom is only MominHospital65 (she’ll be 66 in September).  She was actually sick at my Sister’s wedding, but refused to go to the doctor because she knew she’d end up in the hospital.  She wouldn’t miss my Sister’s wedding for any amount of love, money (or health risk) in the world.  That being said, the day after the wedding, she was so sick she couldn’t get out of bed but to go to the restroom.  Yet, she instructed my Dad not to call 9-1-1.  Stubborn goat.  When she did get to the doctor on Wednesday, he sent her straight to the emergency room and instructed her to expect to stay.

It turned out she had a rogue urinary infection that was shutting her kidneys down.  It was THAT bad.  So, a week worth of I.V. antibiotics later, she got to go home.

Tuesday I took the kids to the zoo, because we desperately NEEDED a spontaneous fun day. We covered half of the zoo in about three hours, then headed home.  It was Little Miss’ first trip to the zoo, and she pretty much slept in the stroller or in the wrap the entire time.  LOL.  Mister and Sister enjoyed seeing the new baby elephant at the St. Louis Zoo.

Little Miss Zoo 2013zoo 2013St Louis Zoo Baby Elephant

Then my oldest daughter’s natural sister is in town (by in town, I mean a 30 minute drive away, as opposed to 4 hours), stacks of laundryso we spent Wednesday seeing her and then visiting my Mom.

Of course yesterday and today were spent in attempts to “catch up” on real life chores, including more loads of laundry than I care to admit.  That is just the tip —-> of the laundry pile!  I had already put away two loads, had a load of diapers in the wash, a load of kids clothes in the dryer, and about ten minutes after this picture, my dear sweet preschoolers decided to mud bomb themselves so I had to add showers for them and ANOTHER load of laundry to my list.

Oi vey.

Oh, and did I mention that Google yanked my page rating for some unknown infraction, so I have been going through every post to make sure they are in compliance with Google’s guidelines.  I have over 1800 posts on this site.  I’ve made it through 200.


And that’s only the stuff that I can openly discuss right now.   I hope to spend some time tonight writing some reviews and getting some much needed blog work done.

How has your week been?

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  1. My head would be spinning by now! The wedding looked beautiful, and glad your mom is better.

  2. I love that in there was a wedding – a promise of love forever…sounds so full of stress and busy. I hope you have a really relaxing but fun rest of the year no health scares and the Drama LLama scared away.

  3. Hahaha “time flies”. Love it!
    Sorry to hear about the false Google infraction =(