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Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway (12/10)

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One of my dear friends, and contributor here on the site, Abby, has a diaper bag that I’ve organizing utility tote big dotbeen eyeing for MONTHS because it is the perfect diaper bag for a cloth diaper momma.  When I asked her what bag it is, she told me it’s the Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty-One Gifts.  It is large enough to store several stuffed cloth diapers, or covers with inserts, spare clothes, and all the baby essentials for on the go.

Needless to say, when I received the opportunity to review one of my own, I couldn’t resist!  Angie Farson is a happily married mother of two, and an Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts.  She’s super sweet, and enjoys being a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts because it allows her to earn money while meeting great people and selling products that she uses and loves.

my thirty one gifts organizing utility tote

Mind you, I’ve used a standard backpack as a diaper bag for the last seven months, and used the same with Mister and Sister.  Although the backpack as a diaper bag just wasn’t working as well this time around for me, the idea of using an open top bag was a bit unsettling at first.

When I first opened the package, and the bag was folded flat, I thought, there is no way this thing is going to work.  It can’t be the same bag Abby has.  It just didn’t look that big.  Let me tell you, though, this bag is much roomier than the folded flat appearance gives it!  Oh my, can it hold some stuff!

I packed it for a typical day of errands the other day, which meant I stuffed the main body of the bag with:

  • Five cloth diapers, including inserts
  • Three changes of clothes for the baby (she’s teething, and drools a lot)
  • A travel wipes case, plus a disposable wipes travel pack of wipes
  • A changing pad
  • Three toys
  • A soft book

The side pockets (there’s seven of them) I stuffed with:

    • Two bottle bags with 8 ounce bottles in them
    • Two wet bags
    • Two 4 ounce bottles with dry formula in them
    • Teething tablets
    • Bulb syringe
    • 4 ounce tube of CJ’s butter All of that, and I still had room to put a folded blanket and fleece jacket in the top of the bag.  Are you kidding me?  Oh, and there was an empty side pocket, so I tossed my cell phone and keys into it when I ran a few of my errands.

I <3 this bag, and don’t know if I will EVER go back to a backpack style diaper bag!Now, I just need to get some of those cute matching accessory bags, then I can be even more organized! Angie wants to give one lucky reader a $25 Gift Credit to her Thirty-One site.  Enter below, and good luck!

Thirty-One Giveaway

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