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thinkSMART Family for Wii Review

The Hubs and I enjoy playing the Wii together, but have a limited selection of games that we can both play.  He is skilled at video games.  I am not.  I often find it difficult to keep pace with him when we are playing a video game together or against each other.  So, when I received an opportunity to review the thinkSMART Family Game for the Wii, I gladly accepeted.  thinkSMART games were released in June by Mentor InterActive Inc, and include the Kids thinkSMART 8+UP for Nintendo DS (8+ UP), the thinkSMART for Nintendo DS, and the thinkSMART Family for Wii™.

thinkSMART Family

The thinksSMART Family for Wii is designed to help you develop language, memory, mathematics, spatial reasoning, and logic skills.  It also includes mental and physical fitness programs that are tailored to each player.  As with most Wii games, you can customize your Avatar.  In multiplayer mode, you can compete against the whole family to find out who has the highest Think® quotient.

When we received the thinkSMART Family for Wii, Hubs sat down to give it a whirl.  Mister and Sister decided to watch as Daddy trialed the game.

thinkSMART FamilythinkSMART FamilythinkSMART Family

His initial reaction to the game?  “It’s Okay.”  As I watched him, I could see that he was intermittently frustrated with the speed (or lack thereof) of the game.

Not the reaction I had hoped for.

When I played the thinkSMART Family game on my own, I did enjoy some of the games and puzzles, while others were not my cup of tea.  Not because they were bad games or puzzles, just not the sort of thing I would normally play.  I couldn’t figure out how to get my wii-mote to correctly record my activity in the workout portion.  Whether that it game design or user error, I am not sure.  As I mentioned, I am NOT skilled at gaming.

The thinkSMART Family for Wii game was beyond what Mister or Sister could do, although they enjoyed holding the wii-mote and thinking they were playing.

I was a little surprised that the game uses words like “hell” and “damn” when displaying quotes from famous historical figures.  These words are not a usual part of the vocabulary in our home (unless we are discussing the physical place wherein which the damned will reside), nor do we consider them “family” friendly.  While they may be quotes, I would have preferred if those words were either ** out or omitted.

I will continue to play the game because I do enjoy the Sudoku and some of the other mental challenges.

thinkSMART: Family for Wii is available on

What interactive video games do you play with your family?

The marketing team forthinkSMART  provided me a complimentary game to facilitate my honest review.  No other compensation was received.  Opinions expressed are 100% my own and are based on my own experience.  Your experience may differ.

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  2. Put it on your list, perhaps Santa will bring it. I’m sure you would enjoy it if he did! LOL!