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These shoes #teamX2

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As you all know, one of my SMART goals for 2014 is to do three 5K’s and hopefully round the year out with a 15K.   If I’m not ready for a 15K, a fourth 5K will be on the roster for me.  After all, these shoes were made for running, right?

running shoes

I had planned (and registered) for my first 5K of the year to be on April 5th.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, the only thing I got from that 5K was my race packet.  My presence was unavoidably required elsewhere, and while I do not begrudge the fact that I needed to be elsewhere, I was a bit bummed that I didn’t get to clock my first finish time of the year.   As it stands, my first 5K of the year will be an untimed 5K next weekend with a group of friends.  I am excited for it, but am also completely and utterly NOT ready for it.

Why am I not ready for it?  Well, we spent the last half of February and the first week of March battling first the tummy yuckies as they made the rounds through our house, and then the upper respiratory yuckies followed quickly behind.  The second week of March was spent with the oldest two on antibiotics for the ear infections that followed the upper respiratory bug.  When I wasn’t personally ill, I was caring for all the other sicko’s in my family, and because one ore more of them had temperatures I couldn’t go to the gym.

The result?  I am not 5K ready.  While my running shoes were made for running, they’ve sorely missed the pavement of late.

With introducing green smoothies into my diet, I have managed to lose weight despite not going to the gym.  I also have more energy (yay!) but I don’t know that it will be enough to get me through the 5K.  To that end, I will be trying X2Performance.

X2 FreeTrial

The proprietary blend is designed to increase energy and stamina, and help with post work out recovery, so I’ll be giving it a good old fashioned try out.  Unlike other pre-workout supplements, X2Performance is designed to avoid the spike and crash drama and to last for your entire workout.  The whole spike and crash thing is why I have habitually avoided pre-workout drinks.

X2 ServingSize

I’m excited to see if it does last the whole workout.

Time to give these shoes a work out!

You can get a free trial of X2Performance (4-pack) to try for yourself! Click HERE for details (Please note- there is a $5.95 shipping fee).

Now I need to sign up for two more 5K’s to round out my three for the year.  Any suggestions?

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