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theBabaSling Lite from Joovy

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I enjoy babywearing, but sometimes wearing another human gets uncomfortably hot. Especially since I don’t sweat properly. Fortunately, I have theBabaSling Lite from Joovy!


The Fuchsia theBabaSling Lite from Joovy is a hammock style doing that is 24% lighter than the original. It is shaped to fit newborns perfectly and can be used in five carry positions with baby’s up to 33 pounds (birth to 2 years).


As you can see, baby feels incredibly secure in theBabaSling Lite, as evidenced by the fact that she is completely oblivious to the hulking T Rex overhead. LOL.

It fits right or left shoulder, can be used to breastfeed discreetly, has a padded infant head support and railing, and has a second safety buckle for added peace of mind and safety. It can also be used to comfortably bottle feed, if that is how you nourish your baby (like I do).

Because it is 100% cotton, it is machine washable–just hang to dry.

It is easy to use and incredibly comfortable, even on all day trips to the Science Center!  This is one infant sling that I think all baby wearing Mommies would appreciate.

Where to Buy: You can purchase theBabaSling Lite at

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. I regret not having something like this when I was carrying around my son. This is one thing I tell all new moms to get.

  2. I love the pix of your daughter sleeping in the sling! My kids weren’t into babywearing carriers, but they did like snuggling in the sling…

  3. Mary Schuh says:

    Little Miss looks very comfy in the sling! I really like our Ergo carrier, but I think something like this for the newborn days would be really nice!

  4. I wore my 2nd child all the time. It was a lifesaver

  5. I love the sleeping pic of your little one 🙂 And the selfie in the mirror!

  6. This looks like a great sling! We loved our sling, and I don’t know what we would have ever done without it!

  7. Your little one is so cute. I think I would have freaked out about the dino lurking over me, but she seems to be handling it well! Great sling and the maker has thought of everything in the design.

  8. Looks like she’s definitely comfy! I like that it’s possible to breastfeed in it!

  9. Aww!!
    I had one with my last but I found it was such a wrestling match to get her into it.
    Looks like your little one is comfy.
    Enjoy these cuddle times…it goes quick!

  10. Your daughter is just too darn cute! I love how content she looks!

  11. Definitely a must have for all new moms!! Love that it even works for newborns!!

  12. I’ve always wanted one of these, they look comfy. I normally use a reg. carrier, but I’d love to try a sling like this.

  13. She couldn’t look more relaxed and at ease in that sling! Clearly it’s a goodie!

  14. This is so awesome! Thanks for the great post! I’ll be checking this out!

  15. That looks like an awesome sling! I am going to add this to my list of things to pick up for my cousin who is expecting her first baby! Thanks 😉

  16. We love theBabaSling! Hooray for babywearing 🙂 It’s our first Joovy product too.

  17. I loved baby wearing when my two kids were little. This looks like a great product.

  18. looks nice Virginia – I like how the side is padded!