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The String Ring Review

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying about tying a string around your finger to help you remember something.  I know I have, and have been tempted to do just that. 

When I was contacted by Tina, a designer with an innovative twist on the old saying, I was extremely excited about the concept of the String-Ring™

About the String-Ring…

String-Ring The String-Ring™ is a cue to remind yourself, and those who notice it, to be kind to one another. To do a kind act, or even think something kind. Designed to be threaded with the provided colored string, String-Ring reminds you of the particular act of kindness you wish to remember. Each String-Ring™ is crafted from the best quality silver and comes with 20 replaceable colored strings, a jute bag, polishing cloth, stickers, and a list of color meanings.

Each color of string represents an act of kindness: Examples are Gold- represents wealth and reminds us to give of ourselves, Silver- symbolizes wisdom and reminds us to forgive, Blue- stands for tranquility and reminds us to be patient, Purple- symbolizes empathy and reminds us to be tolerant, Green- represents respect and reminds us that all thing deserve respect (especially the environment), etc.

I love jewelry that makes a statement!

The string ring came packaged in a cute little jute bag with the String-Ring card attached.  Included with the String-Ring was a set of colored strings, so I could switch out the color if I want. 

String-Ring String-Ring String-Ring

I personally like the Red String-Ring, which is a reminder to Love. 

I love how the string of the String-Ring can be tied in a bow or worn more simply as pictured above.  Since I’m not that great at tying cutesy bows, I think mine will be worn as is.  The only disadvantage to wearing it like this is that the knot is against the skin on the inside of the ring.  I may have to have Hubs re-tie it for me. 

The String-Ring comes in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 and is slightly adjustable for the perfect fit.

It retails for just $28.95 and is a perfect gift for your teen or gal-pal.

Learn more about the String-Ring at

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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