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The Scale Said WHAT? #getfit

A few weeks ago, I dusted off my Fitbit Aria Scale and stepped on it.  I hadn’t weighed myself in a few weeks *cough* because I knew that I hadn’t been doing well.  Scale said whatAria thought I had done so poorly that she didn’t recognize me….

I was sad.  I thought we were friends.

I hadn’t been much of a friend to her, or to myself for that matter.

I had made it down to 163 pounds.

I had done so well.

Then I completely dropped the ball.

Or covered it in chocolate and ate it.

Seriously, though, seeing the scale go back over that 200 number was devastating.  Something had to change.

I’ve been down this road before, and it just looks so much longer this time.  I knew I needed to start counting calories again, and I knew that I needed to start exercising again.  It took a few minutes *eh hem* to get the motivation to make the changes.  Finally, I went to Fleet Feet St Louis and got fitted for some running shoes.  The staff was really nice, and after spending $190  I walked out in a spiffy pair of Brooks running shoes, complete with the recommended arch inserts because what miniscule arches I have are collapsing when I walk and run, and some SwiftWick socks for compression.  I knew that starting an exercise routine with a new baby wouldn’t be easy.  Fortunately, as a Kolcraft Mom, I was able to get a Jeep® Liberty Sport X All Terrain Stroller for review (coming soon).

brooks running shoesJeep All Terrain Stroller

Now that I had the necessary gear, I knew I had to start.  So, I downloaded a #C25K app and started training for a 5K.

I started the C25K training on July 31st.  I’m not sure if/when I will register for an actual race, but I am glad to have at least gotten started.  The last time I lost weight, I went from 225lb to 163lb with calorie counting and exercise.  I had an end goal in mind then, so when I hurt my knee, started gaining weight even while counting calories, I just threw in the towel because I felt like there was no way I would ever GET THERE.  This time around, I think I am going to take it ten pounds at a time.  My first goal is 190lb.

Here’s the thing, though.  I know that I am an emo eater.  When I am stressed, I eat.  I’ve got plenty of stress on my plate right now.  I am in the middle of studying for my pastoral license exam, raising a new baby, homeschooling my oldest two, and the list goes on.  I know there’s no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, and I wouldn’t dream of attempting to lose weight without them.  I have been looking into supplements that can aid with weight loss, though, and think I want to try Garcinia Cambogia, which made from the tamarind rind, and is reported to reduce your likelihood of eating as a response to stress.  I’ve also heard great things about Raspberry Ketones, which are reported to help sugars and fats pass through your system without being absorbed and stored as they normally would.  I wonder if they could be taken together?

Have you used any natural diet supplements?  What do you think?

It’s time to #getfit

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  1. I changed to a plant-based diet and almost without much work lost 15lbs. No supplements. I really like Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Both have great books with so many easy ideas.

  2. I haven’t taken any supplements so I can’t help you with that. BUT I think it’s great that you got some running shoes and a spiffy stroller and have started! =)
    Also, do you use myfitnesspal app as well? Just in case you don’t, you can link it to fitbit and track your food and exercise (so you can put in you were running. Fitbit will count the steps but myfitnesspal will link to fitbit to adjust calories to show it was running). I think the fitbit’s food log stinks and I much prefer myfitnesspal, and I love that the two apps “talk” to each other!
    Good luck to you! =)

  3. I’m with you lady! I haven’t tried and supplements, but know people (Pat O for example) who have. I’m just nervous about mixing supplements with everything else I have to take, ya know? I use MyFitnessPal and love it to count calories (even though I use LoseIt’s recommended calories) and it’s helped me on my “I’m doing this again” weight loss journey! If you need support, let me know, I’m here for you!

  4. Mary Schuh says:

    Are you taking a regular multi-vitamin? I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins, along with some extra zinc when I’m feeling sluggish, since I’m still nursing our 8 month old son. Definitely try to get enough sleep, though that may be hard with a new baby! I just tried to eat a well-rounded diet and exercise when I can. Do your kiddos like to go on walks or ride bikes while you walk? It’s definitely helpful to get the whole family involved. I just got some Emergen- C (which has tons of B vitamins and other good things) to take while I’ve got a cold. It says on the box you can take it after working out to replenish lost electrolyes. Food for thought!

  5. I don’t take any supplements and I have recently been on a journey of my own. I think your plan of action is perfect! I’ve been celebrating every 10! I’m almost to 30- my half way point! My biggest tip is plan! When my foods are prepped and planned and so are my workouts and my accomplishments are so much better. It’s hard but so worth it! Can’t wait to see your next update!

  6. You’ve had great success before and you will again! I’ve had success recently with the Revolt Fitness program. They give you a meal plan and recipes – it’s all real food and healthy… the kind that you will end up eating forever. The give you a workout plan too. It’s about 15-20 min. per day and it’s super easy. It’s the kind of simple exercises you can do in your own home, no need for a gym or even to leave the house. I really love it… going to start back up soon. Good luck to you, I can’t wait to follow your progress!

  7. Since Mr. Orrin was born I, too, am on the get healthy and in shape mind set. I’ve tried all sorts of dietary supplements to try to aid in my weight loss- the truth is, none of them ever worked…or they made me super sick feeling from too much caffeine and other “natural” uppers.

    Stick with the C25K, a good multivitamin, and portion control! You can do it! I am at 220 right now, hoping to get under 200 by Christmas! 🙂