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The Pesky Peanut Book Review

As some of you are aware, Mister has a peanut allergy.  Which can be very scary.  Especially because he is a cute kid, and it seems and every grandmotherly and grandfatherly type person we come into contact with wants to give him treats to eat, whether a cookie or a doughnut or a piece of candy… We’ve taught him that he cannot accept those treats without first asking Mommy or Daddy.

As he gets older, we are trying more and more to educate him on the importance of knowing if something has peanuts or other nuts in it.  He knows we read labels, and always asks, “Has it gots nuts?”

I recently had the opportunity to review The Pesky Peanut, a small picture book that teaches about food allergies.

The Pesky Peanut

The boy character in the book, Kelly, is diagnosed with a peanut allergy after his first birthday party, when he had an alarming reaction to birthday cake that required a visit from the paramedics. Like me, Kelly’s parents took care to ensure that Kelly never came into contact with peanuts in any form.  But, this story shows that even the most careful of parents cannot protect their child from every possible scenario of potential exposure. This story deals specifically with the peanut, but it is applicable to any allergy. It takes a mysterious, scary subject and makes it easy to understand.

I have to say, I really enjoyed reading this book with my son.

And it taught ME a lesson.  Because we take care to ensure that Mister does not come into contact with nuts, he had no idea what a peanut looked like.  So, on my next trip to the grocery store, I walked down the snack aisle and showed him.  I showed him the canisters of shelled peanuts, as well as a bag of peanuts in their shell (of course, being careful that he did not touch them).

Because I know children learn from repetition, I have repeated this exercise several times now.

I would recommend The Pesky Peanut to any parent of a child with a food allergy!

About The Author:
Katie Corl is married with three wonderful children and lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to her family, she loves American History and traveling.

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  1. What a great review. I love books, will have to check this one out for our family!

  2. This sounds like a really cute book that makes a good point!