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The Pepper Napper

I want raised garden beds.

Preferably with a fence around them.


Because I have a pepper napper.

pepper napper

Do you see that face?

It has GUILT written all over it.  Well, it has a “ha ha I got your peppers” smirk at the very least.

Of course, I don’t MIND if she eats fresh bell peppers (or any other fresh fruit or vegetable).  But the peppers had been dusted with SEVEN dust.

Um, yah.  The insecticide.

If I had a nickel for every time I have told her not to touch my plants because they have chemicals on them, I would be rich and would be paying a buck a pepper at the grocery store (ridiculous, right?) or shopping the farmers market every week instead of trying to grow my own.  Alas, I am not, and the beetles are coming.  I want to feed my family, not the blasted beetles!!!  So, I bought some SEVEN dust and sprinkled my plants!  baby bell pepperI went outside to water the plants, and once again told Sister to leave them alone.  “Don’t touch my plants, Sister, they have chemicals on them.”

Then, I come inside to get a drink, and turn around and she’s munching on a bell pepper, that very clearly did NOT come out of the fridge.

I nearly fainted, not to mention feared for the safety of my digits, trying to wrangle half of a quarter sized pepper out of her mouth, then frantically called the poison control center (right after I called my Mom, who calmed me down and told me to call the poison control center).  As the phone is ringing with poison control, I’m reading the back of the SEVEN dust, and pouring a glass of water for Sister telling her to sip it (like the label says to do).

The nurse from poison control was super nice.  She said that because it was 5% SEVEN dust, and because she ingested so little (if any at all), she was not really concerned about a poison event but to make her drink 2-4 ounces of juice, milk, or water and keep an eye on her.  She said she MAY develop oral tenderness, but that should be the extent of it.  She also said she would call back in an hour to check on her again.  Which she did.  And Sister was fine.

Guilty of pepper napping, but fine.

Hubs and I made a deal.  If I can get produce from the plant to the table this year, he will build me raised beds for next year.  I can’t wait!

Have you ever had to call poison control?

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  1. The allure of the peppers is just too much for her!

    • Indeed, Liz! She has an affinity for bell peppers like no child I have ever met! She would choose a bell pepper over a cookie any day.

  2. Thank the Lord she’s okay! I had to call poison control once because my (now 14 yo) got a bottle of vitamins open and I didn’t know if he’d eaten any of them. I was such a new mom – I was freaking out “What if you can OD on vitamins?!! Call Poison Control!” luckily my boy was okay too.

  3. My husband uses Seven on our vegetables. I always have to wash them before we eat them.

  4. We grow organically, so we don’t have this problem but my kids have eaten toothpaste, mouthwash, and diaper cream. Almost all of them were climbers so no matter how high we put it they almost always found it. We called poison control because back then we didn’t use organic products and it was pretty scary!

    • Theresa- how do you keep the bugs from eating your plants? I’d love to grow organically, but don’t know how to keep the wildlife and insects from eating OUR food!

      • We pick potato bugs off and squish them. This should be done every morning early.

        We’ve used our thieves cleaner diluted with water. We’ve also used thieves oil (an essential oil blend). I did a post about it here: and I have another one that I am posting next Tuesday.

        Other farmers have used row cover for greens and such. We haven’t had a chance to do this as we didn’t have a lot of greens come up for some reason – think it’s because we planted in the bed that we tilled the sod under instead of removing the sod first so the grass and weeds or birds got to it.

        There’s an approved product that many organic farmers use on their tomatoes and I cannot remember what is is called right now.

        I know many use fish emulsion and other safe fertilizer (bunny poop is safe to put on without growing old, unlike chicken manure and horse manure that has to sit a long while).

        Planting repelling plants, plants that compliment what you have in your garden as well as repell the pest you are trying to get rid of.

        The key to controlling pests is in part having healthy soil.

        Hope that helps!

        • The last point is the one that kills us! Our soil is not that great, and there is only 6 inches of it, with pure rock bed under that. Hence the need for raised beds.

          I may do more research and try my hand at organic for next year, but it’s not on the list for this year. One thing at a time, KWIM?

  5. I’m so glad she is okay! Fortunately, I have never had to call Poison Control (and hope to never have to).

  6. Yes, but they said it was ok…I forget what my son put in his mouth (nothing horrible, but nevertheless, I’m a mom, so I was TERRIFIED)

  7. Wow, how scary!! I’m glad she’s ok! Lol, you definitely need a fence!

  8. I’ve never had to call.. I’m lol at Sister. She’s looking like, “It wasn’t me!”

  9. Fresh peppers might have me stealing them as well. Thankfully you called to be safe and that she’s a-okay!

  10. Our Small Hours says:

    LOL Precious! She knows yummy when she sees it!

  11. Love that she loves to eat raw peppers like that. So glad to hear that she is okay. So scary!

  12. Oh gosh, how scary. Glad she’s okay.

  13. What an adorable face, glad she’s alright.

  14. I’m glad she’s okay!

  15. Thankfully not! We’ve been lucky as far as chemicals have been concerned. She’s stinkin adorable though!

  16. Mom Foodie says:

    My daughter is a fruit & veggie freak. I only grew hot peppers this year, but once the zucchini kicks in I will probably have bandit issues too.

  17. I’m a pepper napper too 🙂

  18. I haven’t called. That looks so scary! So glad she is okay!

  19. So glad your daughter is okay!