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The Peanut Challenge

After 3+ years of a strict peanut embargo, Mister had a peanut challenge today!

We initiated the peanut embargo after he developed hives subsequent to peanut trunki ridingconsumption on two separate occasions, and having his peanut allergy confirmed by IgE testing.

We began praying that Jesus would heal him of the peanut allergy, and each year, we have had his peanut IgE level tested.   Each year it has come down.

Last year it was 0.47, but the allergist wasn’t comfortable with ordering a peanut challenge yet.  This year, in January, his level was <0.34.  The allergist was comfortable with ordering the food challenge, but we were told that the waiting list was 18 months, so we had little hope of lifting the peanut embargo anytime soon.

Then Tuesday I got a call… there was a cancellation which meant they had an opening… for today!  I scheduled the test and hung up the phone.  My stomach immediately knotted.  I just told them they could feed my kid a food that I knew caused him to break out in hives and could potentially be fatal.  What kind of mother was I?

I took a deep breath, and once again prayed for a complete healing for my son.  Then, I shot out emails, a Facebook message, and text messages asking anyone and everyone to pray.

This morning, we loaded Mister up, left Sister with my Mom, and headed to the hospital.  On the way to the hospital, Mister prayed, “Jesus, please help my peanut challenge go good, help me have no itching or rash, and complete healing from my allergy. I want to eat peanut butter. In Jesus Name. Amen.”


peanut challengeAfter the nurse examined him, and the doctors came in and chatted us up, to let us know what to expect with a peanut challenge, the challenge began.  They explained that he would receive eleven doses of peanut powder, approximately fifteen minutes apart, mixed with the binding agent that we were asked to bring along (we brought applesauce, pudding, and yogurt).  The doses started at 0.1 gram and would double each dose, until the final dose of 8 grams.  He would then be given crackers with peanut butter, if he tolerated the eleven doses of peanut powder.  After the peanut butter crackers, we would have to wait two hours for the “post-exposure” window twhat to expect with a peanut challengeo pass.  Mister asked for his first dose to be mixed with chocolate pudding… a child after my own heart!

As the minutes passed, and the doses were given, Hubs and I watched for signs of a reaction and maintained an attitude of prayer.  Mister watched videos, played math games, finished an entire workbook, and played his Mobigo.  Then we played Trouble.

With the final dose tolerated, it was time for the peanut butter crackers.  Mister said, “Mommy, this tastes like soy butter and honey, because it’s so sticky.”  After fifteen minutes, they said we can go eat lunch, and then check back in with them. If he didn’t have a reaction by 2 p.m., they would consider his allergy resolved (of course, WE would consider it HEALED), and he should have peanut butter at least once a week to keep from having a relapse of the allergy.

Two hours later, we were sent home.  No reaction.  Not even a trace.  No redness. No rash.  No hives.  No nausea.  No diarrhea.  No difficulty breathing.

The doctors say he outgrew his allergy.  We KNOW he was healed.

As we were leaving the hospital, we had this conversation…

Mister: “Mom, I can’t believe I can eat as much peanut butter as I want now.”
Me: “I know! You passed the peanut challenge. Do you know why you passed?”
Mister: “Because Jesus healed me! Can we stop at the store on the way home and buy peanut butter, so I can have peanut butter and jelly for dinner?”
Me: “Yes, I think we can!”

healed from a peanut allergy

Of course, we picked up some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, too!  Sister is quite happy that Mister passed his peanut challenge.  She got to eat her first Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup right along side him.

Unfortunately, in all the excitement, we forgot to tell her to take the paper off first.

his first Reese's her first Reese's


Thank you, Jesus, for healing my son.  Thank you, friends and family, for your prayers!

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