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The Learning Company Workbooks

The Learning Company recently offered to send me a couple of their new workbooks for review.  The Learning Company is a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, which has a great reputation and long history of developing quality learning tools.

This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time!

As you may know, several months ago, Mister tested too smart for our public preschool.  After reviewing our options, we started homeschool preschool.  He has been blazing through the curriculum, and has excelled beyond what I thought he would.  So much so, that I realized he is intellectually beyond the typical preschool lessons.  I didn’t want to start home kindergarten yet because I didn’t want him to hurt his cousin’s feelings when he said he was in Kindergarten, too.  And because I wasn’t ready for it yet.

He kept begging to start kindergarten, so I finally told him that three was way too young to start Kindergarten.

His response?  “Well, we can just start it when I turn four.”

I thought the workbooks from The Learning Company would serve nicely as a bridge between the preschool work we have been doing, and the kindergarten work I promised to start after he turned four.  The Learning Company is committed to making learning fun and engages learners by combining classic characters with award winning educational material.

We received the Learning with Curious George- Preschool Reading workbook and the Reader Rabbit Let’s Learn Kindergarten Reading workbook.

Learning with Curious George- Preschool Reading

Everyone’s favorite mischievous little monkey brings fun to early reading in this activity-packed 64-page workbook. Guided by Curious George, your child will learn:

  • alphabetical order in both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • alphabetical order of words
  • how to hold a crayon and pencil
  • how text moves
  • how to practice drawing and writing.image

    Reader Rabbit Let’s Learn Kindergarten Reading

    Reader Rabbit teaches essential kindergarten reading skills one hop at a time! This colorful workbook is replete with activities that teach:

    • Beginning and ending word sounds
    • Rhyming words
    • Capitalization and end punctuation
    • Text direction
    • Sentences.

IMG_8722Let me tell you, he was pleased as punch when the workbooks came in.  He immediately sat down and set to work.   The Curious George Preschool Reading is a great overview of what we have been working on, and the Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Reading is a great introduction into the work we are moving into.

Both workbooks are colorful, nicely illustrated, and logically sequenced.  Mister enjoys the alphabet sequencing pages, and the mazes.  I appreciate that I can print certificates online for him, to reward his progress.  He can also play learning games that are coordinated with the workbooks that he is working on.  The learning games include The Letter Machine, The Number Machine, Shape Your Thinking, Millie’s Math House, and much more.  The games are a fun part of learning with The imageLearning Company.

This is a sample screen shot from The Letter Machine. —>

The workbooks are available on Amazon and at brick and mortar retailers nationwide, priced from $3.99 to $5.99 for 32-page and 64-page workbooks and would make great stocking stuffers or birthday gifts.  They are also great for throwing in your bag to give the kids something to do while waiting at the doctor’s office or while traveling.

Overall, the workbooks from The Learning Company reflect the companies commitment to making learning fun, and are a great way to involve parents in the learning process.  For homeschoolers, like us, they serve as a wonderful adjunct to what we are already doing!

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Those look great! Emma would love to check them out 🙂