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The Drama

10:30: We get to the hospital for Zane’s surgery.  We load the kids into the double stroller and grab the backpack and camera.  Zane is having bilateral lacrimal stints removed and a final palette check, to rule out a submucosal cleft of the palette. 

As we head for the hospital tower, I stop dead in my tracks…

I forgot Selah’s bottle in the refrigerator. 

I looked at Brian and told him, “I forgot Selah’s bottle at home.”

He looked heavenward.

We continued into the building.

I kept muttering, “I can’t believe I forgot her bottle.”

We get to the check-in desk and sign Zane in. 

As we are waiting for our transporter, I ask the desk clerk if the gift shop sells baby bottles.  I have formula in the diaper bag.  Just nothing to put it in.  She smiles and picks up the phone.  She calls the emergency department and asks someone on the other end to “tube” a baby bottle and nipple to the admitting area, telling them that a mom needs to feed her baby but forgot the baby’s bottle at home. 

I feel two inches tall, knowing that I am that Mom.

I go to the first floor admitting desk to get the bottle.  The desk clerk smiles and hands me a disposable bottle and disposable nipple.  Seems I’m not the only Mom to forget a bottle. 

On my way back to the second floor check in station, I call my sister to let her know that we have arrived at the hospital.  I tell her that I am a finalist in the Worst Mommy of the Year contest.  She asked why.  I told her about the bottle.

She replies, “You brought the baby, right?”

To which, I laughingly reply, “Well, yes, I brought the baby!”

Then she laughs and says, “Listen, until you go somewhere and realize that you forgot your kids, you can’t even sign up for the Worst Mommy of the Year contest!”

I get on the elevator, laughing and crying. 

This is the first surgery for Zane that I haven’t had my Mom or my Sister there with me.  Somehow, having them there for the last three surgeries has helped ease mine and Brian’s anxiety’s.  It’s also the first time that we had to bring Selah along for one of Zane’s surgeries.  I was stressing out because I knew that when Zane got to recovery, I would have to go back to him and leave Brian in the holding room with Selah.  He always goes to recovery with me.  I need him there. 

10:45: We get to the holding room.  The doctor’s and nurses all make their rounds to check Zane in. 

IMG_8006 Here, a nurse double checks his name band.

11:45:  Time to walk him to the OR.  The nurse lets me carry him.  We get to the doors and I hand him over. 

12:15: Dr Lueder, the opthamologist comes in.  “He’s fine,” he says.  “The stints came out easily.  We probed and flushed, as usual.  He might have a little bit of nasal bleeding tonight, but he didn’t have any with the procedure.  Dr.  Molter is with him now.”

12:25: Dr Molter, the otolaryngologist comes in.  “Looks good, Mom,”  he says with a smile.  “His palette is intact, and there is no evidence of a submucosal cleft.”  I smile, relieved.  He continues and tells us that there is a small notch at the back of the palette, where there should be a straight line.  No surgery required.  Everything should function normally. 

12:35:  The in-room phone rings.  Recovery is asking for us to come back.  Selah is asleep in the stroller.  I tell my husband that we are all just going to go back.  We push the stroller back to recover.  The nurses smile.  Zane is sleeping.  Selah is sleeping.  Brian is with me.  Right where I need him.

12:40:  Zane wakes up in recovery.  He’s fine.  He decides he wants to walk around.  Not a good idea yet.  He walks like he had one too many nips of the ether mask. 

12:50: We’re back in the holding room.  Zane is drinking pedialyte and clinging to my shoulder.  The nurse is preparing discharge papers.

1:10:  We are in the van, on our way home. 

I am grateful that the only Drama we experienced is the forgotten bottle.  And, thanks to the staff at the hospital, the forgotten bottle was not all that dramatic. 

Be Blessed!

Lady V dZine

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  1. Geez, me too. And so not even close to worse mom of the year. lol. It was great getting to know you. Thanks for the award too. 😀 Glad Zane is doing well.

  2. Oh sweetie! What a day! I don’t know how you do it! I’ve read through several of your posts, and will definitely keep checking back in.. It was so great to meet you last weekend – too bad we couldn’t chat longer.. 🙁 I’m glad everything is going well for Zane, and I hope it only continues! 😀 *oh yeah – and thanks for the award!* 😉