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The Day that Thomas Lost His Voice

Mister is a huge Thomas the Train fan.  He has quite a few Thomas toys, including a train track and what not.  My Uncle works for UP, and Mister believes that he knows Thomas personally.  LOL.

Mister loves for me to make up stories for him about Thomas, and I thought I would share one of them with you.

I call it “The Day that Thomas Lost His Voice.”

Thomas the TrainOne day, on the Island of Sodor, Thomas sat by the station.

Sir Topham Hatt was worried about Thomas.  Thomas had been unusually quiet all morning.  Thomas could usually be heard puffing down the tracks, but instead of chugging along, he sat still.

“Thomas,” said Sir Topham Hatt, “are you alright?”

Thomas looked back and forth, and shook his head, but said nothing.

“What is it?” asked Sir Thopham Hatt.

Thomas looked sadly at the the head of the railway.

“Cinders and ashes,” Thomas thought, “My horn doesn’t work!”  Thomas felt very sad.  He knew he couldn’t be a very useful engine without a voice.

“Thomas,” asked Sir Topham Hatt, “are you ill?”

Thomas nodded.  He whispered, “My horn doesn’t work.”

“Why ever not?” asked Sir Topham Hatt.

“I’ve lost my voice.”  Thomas knew that without his horn, he couldn’t signal to other trains when he was changing tracks, which would make it unsafe for him to be sent on assignments.

Sir Topham Hatt was puzzled, but knew that on occasion the train horns needed to be repaired or replaced.  He ordered Thomas to go to the Repair and Go Station at the Sodor Steamworks, where his horn could be repaired if needed.  To keep Thomas safe, Sir Topham Hatt asked Percy to act as an escort, and Harold to fly overhead to make sure the two did not run into trouble.

Thomas and Percy chugged quietly away to the Repair and Go Station, where both hoped that Thomas would get his voice back.  Harold flew overhead and made sure the track was clear for them.  Once there, Thomas whispered to the repairmen that his horn wasn’t working, and Percy left to find Sir Topham Hatt for his next assignment.

The repairmen used a crane to lift Thomas up to take a look.  When a train came into the Repair and Go Station, they had to have a thorough inspection.  The repairmen found that Thomas’ horn needed to be repaired and went to get one of the train horn kits from the shelves.  Thomas wished that they had let him down from the crane before they went away, but was pleased that they came back quickly and set to work.  In no time at all, Thomas’ voice was restored, and he tooted proudly.   Now Thomas knew why engines feel all better, and are ready to go, after a visit to the Steamworks!

The repairmen smiled as Thomas said, “Now I can be a really useful engine.  I have to find Sir Topham Hatt.”  Thomas steamed quickly away, in search of Sir Topham Hatt.  He gave an extra toot or two to the birds who flew overhead.  Thomas was excited, and looked forward to working hard the rest of the day.

I made this one up when the batteries in his Thomas died.  I told him that Daddy worked at the Steamworks and was in charge of horn repairs (i.e. battery replacement).  It worked.  He was happy to wait until Daddy got home and put new batteries in.

What cartoons are your kids fans of?  Do you make up stories about the characters for them?

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