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The Buffet at Lumiere Place

Hubs and I decided to go on a date night, which we don’t get to do often enough.  We’d been wanting to go try the buffet at Lumiere Place, a casino downtown.  Neither of us gamble, so we hadn’t had occasion to go before.  We’d heard the food was good, and I’d heard the buffet had crab legs on Friday evenings.  So, at 5:15 p.m., we left our kids in the capable hands Hubsof a sitter, and drove downtown.

We joined the buffet line around 5:55 p.m.  Apparently, half of St. Louis joined the buffet line for all you can eat crab legs on Friday evening.  I snapped this picture of Hubs after we’d been in line for a little over an hour.  Another hour and a half in line, and we were finally able to pay to wait another ten minutes to be seated.

Anyway, once we had our table (at 8:40 p.m.), I made a beeline for the crab legs.  Yes, I stood in line for over two and a half hours, then had to WORK for my dinner (cracking them legs)! Whilst Hubs checked out the rest of the buffet.  I scooped up some greens, a fillet of cod and a skewer of shrimp, plus some green beans (turns out, the green beans were WAY too spicy for my palate).  Of course, I had to have fresh salad, so I piled mixed greens, fresh strawberries, fresh pineapple, and steamed shrimp on a plate.

crab legsshrimp skewerssalad with shrimp

Dinner was delectable.  I was surprised, then, by how lackluster the desserts were.  The first two dessert picture on the left are the desserts that did NOT take the cake! I took one bite of cannoli, one bite of sugar-free cheesecake, a nibble of a cakeball (which I promptly spit into my napkin), and a lick of the creampuff.  Bleh.  I forked into the beautifully marbled cake in it’s own little recycled tin and didn’t bother biting.  I finally settled on green apple gelato, which tasted like a green apple Jolly Rancher.  It was good.  The others, not so much!

dessert tastingmarbled cakegreen apple gelato

By the time we made it home, it was 10:15 p.m. and the only place we had been was in line at the buffet and eating dinner.  Oi vey!  I can say with certainty that, while the food was good, we will NEVER do that again.  Next time I want crab legs, we’re going to Red Lobster.

***On a side note, once we had paid and moved toward the “wait here to be seated” gals, a man suddenly appeared in line behind us.  We’d been standing in front of the same couple for two and a half hours, and this guy just appears.  Of course, the couple he cut in front of were not enthused with the interloper and attempted to take their rightful place.  Said interloper sort of shouldered the lady, and I thought there was going to be a throw down right there in front of the buffet!  Interloper’s other half arrives, another verbal exchange ensues, and then an employee is looking at ME to see who should be behind me.  I explained that the couple had been behind us for two and a half hours, and I didn’t know where the other guy came from.  Moral of the story… DO NOT attempt to cut in line in front of people who have waited over two and a half hours to eat!  People get crabby if you try to get between them and their crab legs!***

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Wow, I can’t believe the line was that long. Crazy! At least you can say you’ve tried it, eh?

  2. You’d think they’d have better desserts for people who wait in line for over 2 hours! I’m with you, I’d never do that again either.

    • I know, right, Megan? On the one hand, I was glad the desserts were bleh, so I could stay in my calorie budget. But on the other hand, I was disappointed.

  3. That food looks good, and what a jerk to try to cut!

  4. I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait in line for two hours! That is crazy!

  5. Gosh it sounds like the lines in Vegas on the holidays!! The food looks like it was worth the wait though!!

  6. no way I”m that patient I would of left. but the food does look good

  7. Born & raised in Las Vegas I have been going to buffet’s since I was a wee kiddo. I still love them 🙂 Yours sounds (& looks) YUM!

  8. Can’t believe he just tried to work his way into the line like that. Not cool! And seriously, after 2.5 hours of waiting, I’d expect the desserts to be top notch. But yay for the crab legs and dinner out with the hubs!

  9. I like buffets for the variety of food that you can get, but the dessert has to be spot on or it could ruin the whole meal for me. My son loves crab legs and I tell him to sit there and eat as long as he wants. Get our money’s worth, right?

  10. Food looks delish. When we lived in Vegas, they’d do a military eat free night at a local buffett/casino -I can totally relate to the lines!

  11. That looks reallllly good!!

  12. When I was younger, if was nothing for us to stand in line as long as 2 hours to be seated at a restaurant. Nowadays, we plan it that we go to those kinds of restaurants at odd times so there’s little to no wait. 😀 Oh, and I love crab legs!

  13. Do you serve yourself at this place or do the servers put the food on your plate for you? I am really picky about what I eat, and I prefer to serve myself, so I was thinking of going there, but I do not want to if it is the type with servers putting food on the dish.

    • Celine- with the exception of the crab legs, everything is self serve. When you get to the crab leg counter, an employee with gloved hand places crab legs on your plate. I presume it is to keep people from taking five times what they would eat.