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The Amazing Mat Review plus Giveaway

With the recent spring-like weather in St. Louis, my kids have been able to play outdoors more.  Which they love.  And they have been tracking in dirt more, which I LOATHE. 

When I recently received an opportunity to review The Amazing Mat, an anti-bacterial adhesive mat that traps dirt, germs, and bacteria and KEEPS THEM OFF YOUR FLOOR, I was like, “Yah, baby!”

Each mat has thirty layers specifically engineered for capturing mud, dirt, allergens, fungus, mold and even feces.   When the top sheet of the mat is dirty, you simply peel away the recyclable sheet to reveal a new layer. 

Can’t beat that, right?

When The Amazing Mat arrived, I placed it in front of our back door.  Easy peasy. 

Mister wanted to know what it was, and what it’s supposed to do.  I explained to him that it is “traps” crumbs and dirt, off of our feet, to help keep the floor clean.  Sister playing in the mudHe immediately brushed some crumbs off of the table onto the mat, and walked onto it. 

I didn’t expect him to DO that.  I was about to warn him that he shouldn’t walk on it without shoes on.  Because he is affected by Hay Wells Syndrome, the skin on his feet is extremely delicate.  When he stepped onto The Amazing Mat with his bare feet, my heart skipped a beat.  In my minds eye, I saw the skin peeling off of the bottoms of his feet followed by weeks of wound treatment.  I immediately picked him up to examine the bottoms of his feet, and to my surprise, they were fine.  

Crisis averted. 

While Mister and I were discussing The Amazing Mat, Sister was outside, splashing in a mud puddle.  She loves playing outdoors.  Rain. Sleet. Snow.  It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t care.  She just wants to be outdoors.

She came in, asking me to wash her hands, and when I looked down, I could not have been happier to have The Amazing Mat on my floor!

 Muddy Boots on The Amazing Mat


Once she was done playing outside, I left her boots on the mat by the door.  After the mud dried, I simply removed the dirty layer, and BOOSH!  It was a clean layer WITHOUT THE MOP!


Amazing Mat with Muddy Boots


The Amazing Mat ($29.95) is available in six different designs and can be purchased at

I can’t say that I will always use The Amazing Mat, but I WILL be putting it down on rainy and muddy days to save myself from having to mop the entire floor!

Where would you put The Amazing Mat?

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