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That Bald Chick Top 50 U.S. Mom Bloggers

I was just about to shut down for the evening yesterday when I received a DM on Facebook, from a friend, with a link to the Top 50 U.S. Mom Bloggers list by Cision.


I was completely shocked to see That Bald Chick® listed along with sites that I consider to be phenomenal and that I frequent.   Some that I aspire to be like.

Top 50 Mom Bloggers 2014

I’m at the bottom of the list, BUT I AM ON THE LIST!!  I felt like the little kid that finally got invited to play with the big kids.

It was a great way to end my evening!


This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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Hi there! My name is Virginia, and I am the author/owner of That Bald Chick. I am a Christian, wife, mother of three, full time homemaker, homeschooler, and ministry volunteer in addition to being a blogger. In my free time *cough* I enjoy reading, writing, taking walks with my family, and listening to music.


  1. Congratulations to you!! I was super excited to be on the list as well!

  2. That is fantastic, congratulations. I can only imagine how excited you were!

  3. Congrats on the list! That is so exciting for you!

  4. That is very exciting! Congratulations to you.

  5. How exciting! There are a lot of great bloggers on the list. Congratulations for being part of it!

  6. How awesome is that! YOU GO GIRL!! Congrats! That is a great Mother’s Day Gift!

  7. How cool is that! Is it weird that I get excited when bloggers that I like get acknowledged? I am happy that people are noticing how great your blog is!

  8. That’s wonderful, congratulations! It’s always nice to be recognized no matter what number you are on the list!

  9. There are a lot of great blogs on that list! Congrats on being one of them!!

  10. Congratulations! I’ve never heard of this list, but to be on it with so many amazing people is a great honor!

  11. Wow, what an achievement
    ! Congrats on your success

  12. A huge congrats on being a top mom blogger. That’s huge! You totally 100% deserve it.

  13. Congratulations! It’s really an exciting thing to be listed there! I was blown away that I’m on it too.

  14. I think that’s quite an accomplishment. Good Job. I don’t think it matters where you are on the list. You should be very proud of yourself.

  15. Congratulations! That is awesome, and makes you know you are doing something right!

  16. Whoa! Pretty sweet! Congratulations for making that list. It is always nice to be recognized

  17. Congrats for making the list! I can understand how you feel, I felt the same when I discovered I was on it also!

  18. Congratulations on making the list! That’s awesome! You are terrific!

  19. Congratulations. I was on the list last year and got a good deal of traffic from it. I hope you do too!

  20. Congrats to you!! Nice to see your hard work get noticed right?

  21. Congratulations on your newest honor. It is nice to be recognized in the same category as those whom we admire.

  22. Congratulations!! That is such awesome news!

  23. Very cool and very deserving! I recognize a few others on that list and it is quite an honor for you bloggers!

  24. I recognize a lot of names on that list! Congrats to be a part of a group of awesome bloggers!

  25. Congratulations are in order!! What an honor!

  26. Congrats and what a great accomplishment to be added to that list! Keep up the hard work!

  27. Very cool! It’s so great to get recognition for you awesome work!

  28. I saw the list come out and when I saw your name, I thought “oooh, oooh, I read her- YAY!” Congrats!

  29. Congrats! That is super awesome!

  30. congrats to you! well deserved, you do a great job

  31. Congrats! It’s nice to be recognized! 🙂