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Teacup Families

teacup families teacup familiesSister is a big fan of all things animal.  She LOVES animals.  Her favorites?  Cats, dogs, horses, and bears.  She also loves teeny tiny things.  She has a two inch plastic dog that she wags around everywhere, by the leash, that she adores.  So it’s no small stretch when I say that she is going to go absolutely bonkers over the new Teacup Families, which we received for review from Teacup World! 

These things are too cute!  They are bound to become the must have collectible of the year!  The Teacup Families line features twelve limited edition sets,  a Cruisin’ family Van, and a Neighborhood Playground Playset, a

We received the Neighborhood Playground Playset and a Sweet Retreat Set. 

The Playground set we received has Panda bears.  The Sweet Retreat set has kittens. Of course, they can mix and match in the accompanying playthings.

The bread and milk and pastries that came with the Sweet Retreat set are TINY!!  It is labeled for children 3+, but I will be putting the tiniest pieces away until Sister is four.  Last thing I want to do is tweeze a loaf of bread out of her nose or ear.  LOL.

Even still, the cups and the furniture that come in the Sweet Retreat set are adorable.  And the Playground has a little swing that is just too cute!

teacup familiesShop for Teacup Families at major retailers nationwide including Toys”R”Us, Walgreens, and Kmart or on Amazon.


Teacup Families 4 pack $9.99

Teacup Families Cruisin’ Family Van: $19.99

Teacup Families Neighborhood Playground set: $19.99

Learn more about Teacup Families on their Facebook Page or Twitter Stream.

What is on your “must have” list this year?

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