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Taking Time for Myself


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As the Mom of a two year old and a three year old,  I have devoted nearly every waking moment of the last three plus years to caring for these little people that God has entrusted to my care.  And somewhere along the line, I forgot that in order to properly take care of them, I need to take care of me.   I realized one day, when I looked in the mirror, that I had done what many new Moms do… I became so focused on being their MOM that I replaced my ME time with MOM time.   I forgot that amidst all of those moments that I spend on them,  I need to carve out a few minutes for ME.

Until recently, that is.   I don’t know what flipped the switch, but the light bulb went on.  I realized that if I fail ME, I fail my family.   I realized that taking time for myself is NOT selfish; it is necessary.  So, now I take it.   I can’t afford not to.

How am I taking time for myself?  I’ve started doing some of the things I love again…

I read.  I love to read, and I refuse to let my library shelf be reduced to preschool books.

I exercise.  On the days that they nap (which is becoming by far too infrequent), I exercise while they sleep.  On the days that they don’t, I take them to the basement with me and have them watch TV (gasp… yes, I let my preschoolers watch educational programming on PBS) or color while I exercise.

I take long hot showers and occasionally long hot baths.  I ask Hubs to keep an eye out for the kidlets (if they are still awake) and lock myself in my bathroom.  From time to time, I read in the long hot bath.

I write.

And this past month, I actually joined some friends for a ladies night out.  Three hours, no husbands or kids aloud.  I can’t tell you how rejuvenating that was!  And I plan on doing it again.

So, what do you do to take time for yourself?

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Hi there! My name is Virginia, and I am the author/owner of That Bald Chick. I am a Christian, wife, mother of three, full time homemaker, homeschooler, and ministry volunteer in addition to being a blogger. In my free time *cough* I enjoy reading, writing, taking walks with my family, and listening to music.


  1. Great post! We all deserve that quality time for ourselves from time to time. 🙂

  2. So great that you’re taking the time to focus on you again. You DO deserve it, and I sure like the ways you’re doing it. 🙂

  3. Way to go girl! You totally need to focus on yourself every chance you get.

  4. God bless you. Take care so you can always be there for those kids

  5. Good for you. I am bad at taking time for me too. I let my kids watch TV these days so I can get 1/2 hr of exercize in each day.

  6. Good for you…you’re right, you’re doing a disservice everyone if you don’t take some time for yourself.

  7. Yes, you need to take time for yourself. And one thing I learned, is that if your children see YOU reading, they are more likely to read, too.

  8. Good for you! I’ve been going to the gym with a friend and I think it is great because we get a chance to spend time together and have a chance to relax!

  9. The whole locking yourself in a room with a hot bath sounds great to me! I loved what you said about how if you fail YOU, then you fail your family. I totally agree with you! I’m glad you’re able to take time out for yourself.

  10. You are doing great by taking care of you. I do that, too. At least I try. I don’t do as well as you do.

  11. I think it is really important to find things you love and take time for yourself – I’m glad you are able to do it!