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Surgery went well

Mister had to have surgery on his eyes yesterday.  More specifically, he had stints removed from his tear ducts.  This was his seventh procedure on his tear ducts (multiple probings/flushings plus one set of stints placed and removed previously).

After his first set of stints had been out for only a few months, his tear ducts started to scar closed again because of the Hay Wells Syndrome. So, the surgeon chose to leave this set in for six months, instead of the standard three, in hopes of getting the tear ducts to scar open.


Since he’s a little older now, I was a bit nervous about how he would handle things at the hospital.  Especially after the “No, I not” episode with the dentist.  So, to be honest with you, I didn’t tell him until this morning that we were going to see the doctor.  He sees several of his physicians at the hospital, so it didn’t seem strange to him that we should go there.

I waited until the nurse gave him his pre-op medication to tell him that the doctor was going to look at his eyes, and that they might hurt a little bit afterward.  I told him that if his eyes were hurting, he needed to tell us.  IMG_1754

The surgery took less than 20 minutes. The surgeon said that the stints came out without any difficulty, and he seemed hopeful that the tear ducts might stay open for a while this time.


He had problems with nausea and vomiting after the last two surgeries, so he had to have an IV this time with anti-nausea medicine.

We made it home without him throwing up in the van, which was a plus!

He spent the evening chilling out mostly.  He did complain a couple of times that the light was hurting his eyes, so we dimmed them.

All in all, surgery went well, and we are hoping to avoid OR for at least six months, if not longer!

Thanks to all of you who knew ahead of time and prayed.  We know that the Lord heard our prayers!

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  1. Poor little love! So glad that the surgery went good though!!!

  2. (((HUGS))) I’m glad to hear though that it sounded like things went well. Big Hugs Little Guy!