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StumbledUpon an Interesting Tidbit about StumbleUpon Numbers


I was recently looking at Statcounter and noticed that the traffic I had coming from a post that had been submitted to StumbleUpon appeared to be coming from two different links.  I figured both visits would be counted in the number that shows on the little icon at the bottom of the post, so, I didn’t think too much about it again.  That is, until tonight when I was discussing (on Facebook) my Total Gym Total Mom- Fitness Quest Continues post with Rachel, Bethany, Lisa, Karen, Sam, and Jeanine.  They had mentioned that they stumbled the post (which I greatly appreciated), and then Jeanine noticed that when she gave the post the old “thumbs up” she didn’t see a couple of the others profiles in the ones that had stumbled the post.

Of course, it made me curious, so I went to look at Statcounter.

stumble traffic

As you can see, I had traffic coming from two links from the same post.

So, I thought I would follow the links and see where the trail may lead…

This StumbleUpon link for the post led here…

Stumbled page

It shows that the page was discovered by ShibleySmiles on August 24, at 3:23 p.m. and that 41 people had viewed the link from that discovery.

Then I followed the second StumbleUpon link, and it led here…

Stumbled page

This one shows that the page was discovered by MusingMainiac on August 24 at 3:33 p.m. and had been viewed by 9 people.

And guess what… those 9 views were NOT showing in my little StumbleUpon icon…


Which explains why my StatCounter has been showing me one thing, and my StumbleUpon icon another as far as Stumble traffic goes.

Does it really matter?  I mean, it’s only nine page views, right?

But, what if it is a popular post, that has a couple thousand stumble views, like my Total Gym Total Mom- Eating Healthy post.  The icon shows I’ve had 2,992 views from that stumble.


But, does that number accurately reflect the number of times that post has been viewed from StumbleUpon? Previously, I would have said yes, but now?  I just don’t know!  Could it be that it is actually higher?  And if so, by how much?

I know I will certainly be double checking the URL at the top of the screen just before hitting the thumbs up on posts that I visit, ensuring that I am stumbling the post page and not the comment post page.  I want my visit to be reflected in the stumble numbers that are seen!  And I will be paying closer attention to the incoming StumbleUpon traffic on StatCounter!  I wonder how many times I’ve stumbled a comment page by accident!

By the way, my StumbleUpon profile is thatbaldchick and you can follow my stumbles here.

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  1. Interesting. I’ve noticed that I’ve almost stumbled the comment page after I’ve made a comment. So now, I double check and delete anything that doesn’t belong in the address bar to make sure I don’t mess up anyone’s stumble.

  2. Ok lesson learned…stumble first…then comment. Right?

  3. Like everything else, we are learning as we go. But I’m glad we have a group that we can figure these things out with.

    Now to remember Stumble then comment. Always!

  4. I agree with Rachel!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    By the way, I stumbled first… now, I’m commenting…. And just for grins and giggles, I might just stumble my comment…. bwhahaha 🙂 <3

  5. Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t thought about the links being different. I still have so much to learn about StumbleUpon.

  6. Interesting. I was just talking about this with someone the other day. The question I have is whether the stats are different if I stumble the main post URL vs the one that displays if I access it from a subscription (which takes me to a Feedburner link). Anyone know?

    • Robin- judging from what I see in StatCounter, the stats ARE different. On further inspection, I see traffic coming from a stumbled feedburner post, the comment page stumble, as well as the post page stumble. I will be paying much closer attention to the link in the address bar when I stumble now!