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Storm Rider on DVD 10/22/13

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If I haven’t mentioned it before (I have) Sister is a horse fanatic.  All. things. horse.  So, whenever the opportunity arises to review anything that has to do with horses, I typically say storm rideryes.  If only to encourage her equestrian love.  We recently received the movie Storm Rider, on DVD, for review.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched it already, because I quit counting when we left the teens.

Storm Rider is about how life gets turned upside down for spoiled 18 year old Dani Fieldings when her father gets arrested for securities fraud.

Dani is forced to leave her upscale life to live with her Uncle Sam, who is gruff by nature, out in the country.  The two struggle to bond.  Dani is given young mule to foster and train, and she pours her energy, and affection, into the horse she calls Stormy.  Dani’s life feels unsettled, as does the horses, and Dani learns that one must truly care for others to answer life’s biggest questions and solve life’s biggest problems. Stormy and Dani work together to save the day and learn the true meaning of family.

To say that Sister really enjoys this movie would be an understatement.  When I ask her what the movie is about, she breaks out in a big grin and says, “horses.”   The film is simple and sweet, if a bit corny at times. Sister gives Storm Rider two thumbs up! 

Here’s a preview…


Sister said her least favorite part was “the bloody human after the plane wrecked.” 

We did have to have a talk after the movie, to reinforce that we don’t use the word “sucks” or “jackass” (each used once in the film) and why. 

Storm Rider will be available for purchase at and starting tomorrow.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I have been wanting to see this movie – glad it is coming to DVD. I will add to my Netflix list.