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Step 2 Sand and Water Cart

We bought our Step 2 Sand & Water Cart in 2009 for Easter.  Mister enjoyed helping Daddy put it together.




Product Description

Accessories include 2 boats, a water tower, cup and 42″ tilting umbrella to help shade children from sunlight

Underneath storage shelf allows toys to dry after use

Two front wheels and handle allow cart to be moved from place to place very easily

Includes durable protective lid that attaches securely with elastic tie-downs to keep out debris and rain-water

Holds 40 lbs. (18.14 Kg) of sand and 1/2 gallon (1.9 L) of water (not included)

Then by accident, I gave it away.  Well, I didn’t give it away, but it was taken by accident.  We regularly donate to charity, and the cart was sitting out front when the truck came by, so they took it.  I was absolutely devastated!  I literally spent 2 days, multiple e-mails and phone calls, and plenty of tears getting it back.  I had to send pictures proving that the cart was ours, etc, etc.  Fortunately, they brought it back and all is well that ends well, right?

Last summer, many hours were enjoyed by Mister with the Sand and Water Cart (Sister was a bit young to try it out). You may remember the Fun in the Sun scrapbook page that I did with the cart.

lvd_beachbum_layout1 copy

Credit: Beach Bum kit, created by Amanda Heimann, Lyndsay Riches, Wild Dandelions & Ziggle Designs.  Available in Scrap Orchard’s Market.

This year we moved the Sand and Water Cart to the back yard, since it is fenced in.  Both Mister and Sister have spent much time enjoying it.



The Step 2 Sand and Water Cart was easy to assemble, is durable, well made, easy to clean, weather resistant, and is easy to move (Mister turns it over to dump the yucky water routinely).  I love that it has the cover for when it’s not in use.  The umbrella is sturdy and easily removed when not in use.  The water wheel has stood the test of time and still functions, though the kids drag it back and forth between the pool and the cart.  Our two LOVE to mix the sand and water, so when we ran out of sand—thanks to Mister throwing it all in my flower bed, thanks son—we didn’t replace it and are using it as a water cart only.




The only thing I would consider changing about the Step 2 Sand and Water Cart is that I would add the ability to lock the wheels.  As I said, it is easy to move, and aside from turning it over to dump it, Mister also pushes it all over the back yard!

I would definitely recommend the Step 2 Sand and Water Cart for ANY home that has toddlers!

Here’s to Fun in the Sun!

The Step2 Sand and Water Cart is available on Amazon.

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