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Starting My Cloth Diaper Stash

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Since Little Miss is due to arrive on the scene in just a few weeks, I have started stocking up on fluff.  I’ll explain in another post why were choosing to use cloth on #3.  For now, I want to show off some of my fluff stuff, which is the beginning of my cloth diaper stash.

I started my Fluff Stuff with a purchase from Amazon of Gerber Prefold Diapers and Econobum Trial Packs. I followed that up with two Bumkins covers (found on a cloth diaper swap) and a BabyLand Pocket Diaper (found on ebay).

Fluff Mail 032113Fluff Mail 032913

I also found six WAHM newborn AI2s (all in two) on a swap and bought those.

Fluff Mail 032813

So, that is the start of my cloth diaper stash.  That put me at 26 prefolds, 4 covers, 6 newborn AI2s, and 1 OS (one size) pocket diaper.  These are all prepped and ready to use!

Those newborn diapers are so stinking cute!  I cannot wait to see them on Little Miss.  It’s too bad I don’t know which WAHM made them, I’d be getting some more!

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