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Stainless Cups Review

When Hubs and I went to Chicago over the summer, we had the opportunity to hang out with a dear friend of mine, Charlie.  She met us at the DuPage Children’s Museum with her kidlets (twins) for a play date with Mister and Sister, and some good old fashioned “catching up.”

She was kind enough to bring munchies and water bottles for everyone, which was really appreciated.  I fell in love with the Thermally Insulated Water Bottles that she brought along.  They were stainless and attractive, not to mention eco-friendly.  The best part?  Extra TopsThey didn’t sweat!!!  I have wanted a stainless water bottle for a while, but steered clear because I can’t stand how badly stainless steel sweats when filled with an icy cold beverage.  The sight of a wet napkin on your water bottle is so NOT appealing. 

Anyway, I asked Charlie where she got hers, and she said she ordered them from, which is a company owned by a friend of hers who is also a mom of multiples.  Her friend, Nichole, started the company after a fruitless search for an unbreakable, non-plastic cup to give to her then 3 year old twins.  I think Nichole may be on to something!

thermally insulated water bottle

After we returned home from our vacation, I ordered two 16 ounce water bottles (for Hubs and I) 8oz. Tumblerand two 11 ounce water bottles from the thermally insulated line.  Yay!  We chose the

sport tops for ours, but you can also choose a flat top or loop top lid when checking out.  They also sell a nipple top (for their stainless baby bottles), a 4 pack of nipples, and 2 pack of sippy spouts. 

The water bottles are great for on the go.  Now I just need some InchBug labels so we can tell ours apart.  In the meantime, I wrote initials on the bottom with a Sharpie.  LOL.

Large Straws-

After I ordered the water bottles, I decided to browse the site to see what else they offered.  I immediately loved the 8 ounce stainless tumblers and stainless straws I found and knew I had to have them. 

My kids love the tumblers and straws, and I love the fact that I can quit buying disposable straws.  Woot!

The stainless cups, water bottles, straws, and baby bottles would make great gift items for your eco-friendly friends.  Learn more at

***I received the stainless tumblers and straws as product samples to facilitate this review after purchasing the stainless water bottles.  All opinions are my own, and I love these products!***

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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