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Squinkies for Boys

squinkies for boyssquinkies for boysLast year we received Squinkies, from Blip Toys, for review.  While they were super cute (and I do mean they were super cute!), they were just too small for my kids to play with at the time.  So, I ended up giving them to a friend for her little girl for Christmas.  Turns out, they were quite a hit, and of course on the “Must Have” toy list for Christmas last year.

What are Squinkies, you ask?  They are squishy, 1" collectible figures that come in their very own tiny bubble containers.  And now Blip Toys has Squinkies for BOYS themed toys!   Cool robots, fierce ninjas, green aliens, gnarly skaters, and more.  There are even Squinkies Cars 2™ and Squinkies Hot Wheels® sets.  This year, for review, we received a box FULL of Squinkies for Boys.

I know, right?

Not quite as cute, these little guys are rough, tough and bad to the bone.  Just what every little boy loves.  Mister is getting his Squinkies for his birthday, which is in three weeks.  I can’t wait to see his face, because I just know he is going to love them.  He was pretty bummed last year, when we couldn’t keep the girly ones. 

I absolutely LOVE the Squinkies® Marvel Universe® set. It even had Hulk!  So cool.  But my favorite?  Definitely the Squinkies Rides (Xtreme Ride, Low Ride, Tuff Ride, and Space Ride).  squinkies for boysThe best one is the Squinkies Tuff Ride with the little Soldier Dudes.  Tuff Ride features a heavy-duty tank with 3 soldiers armed and ready for combat

I am going to have to find something to keep them all in.  We did receive the Squinkies Skull Cavern Dispenser, which holds up to twenty, but we don’t allow the kids to play with skull themed toys.  It will be going in the charity box.  I found a Squinkies Tote and Go Storage Organizer on Amazon, but it is pink.  I don’t think Mister would appreciate that.

Of course, Squinkies are still available for girls.  They have Barbie, Hello Kitty, and so much more. 

To learn more about Squinkies, check out  You can also follow Squinkies on Facebook and Twitter.

Which Squinkies are your favorite?

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  1. My daughter has been begging for Squinkies. I’m thinking about getting her some for Christmas.

  2. Thank you for sharing these! I have 6 boys on my shopping list and these will be perfect for ALL of them!

  3. How have I not heard of these, with an almost 9-year-old boy. I know my son would love these.

  4. My boys would love these! What a great gift idea!

  5. I’ve seen the Sqwishlanders, but these are even cuter, I think!

  6. My kids love squinkies. My daughter collects them so we have tons but we don’t have many of the boy ones. These are great!

  7. Oooo — my little guy would love these!

  8. Okay that is too cool. I love the squinkies my daughter has and I bet my youngest boy would have a blast with these.

  9. How fun! I love the tiny Spiderman.