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Spray Pal

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We’ve been cloth diapering for nearly four months now and love it.  Cloth diapering is so spray pal logomuch easier than I even thought it would be, and of course the savings and cute factor make it well worth the effort.  Since we have a Spray Pal, even the icky diapers aren’t so bad to deal with.

Spray Pal is a device that is makes spraying icky diapers a breeze AND helps keep the icky poo water from going all over the bathroom. It is made of a flexible piece of plastic that tri-folds into a tunnel and snaps.  The middle panel has a clip, much like a clipboard, that you place the icky diaper in.  Once said icky diaper is affixed into the clip, just aim your diaper sprayer at the poo and into the commode it goes.  The tunnel keeps the resulting splatter from covering your toilet and floor.

Spray Pal

Check out this demo video, because it demonstrates the use of a Spray Pal much more efficiently than I could describe it!


We don’t own a diaper sprayer, so we use our Spray Pal with the detachable shower attachment, because our tub is next to the commode and the hose reaches without any problems.

Now that we’ve been using it for a while, I’ve learned a few tips/tricks with the Spray Pal. First, I always have the ick facing away from me—i.e. poo faces the back of the toilet—because I am occasionally distracted by resident preschoolers.  Second, I always keep the toilet seat down and fit the Spray Pal into the seat.  It holds molds to the shape of the opening and holds it steady.  Third, I always spray the Spray Pal off after use, so that it stays clean.

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***I received a Spray Pal to facilitate this review.  I accidentally donated it and had to purchase another one.  I am SO glad I did!***
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  1. Jenni Elrod says:

    Always face the poo away from you before spraying! So important!!!

  2. jessica long says:

    I havent started yet but I plan on using a sprayer and a bucket

  3. Becky Pinski says:

    I use the wipes to take the diapers apart so I don’t have to touch anything. If I end up touching grossness anyway, no big deal. It is nice to be able to avoid it though, just in case I can’t wash my hands right away!

  4. Tracie D says:

    Don’t spray your diapers at a 90 degree angle and watch that water pressure. Although I’m sure the spray pal would help resolve this issue. 🙂

  5. I don’t have any tips yet but we plan to CD baby-to-be so I’ll definitely use these tips!! Thanks 🙂

  6. Katie Lynn says:

    We love Virginia! Love your tips for us parents! Please don’t let “those” bullies get to you! You worked too hard to give up your name!

  7. I shake off solids in the toilet. If the diaper is really bad, I use my utility sink in my basement laundry room.

  8. It depends on where we’re at. If we are at home I usually dump what I can into the toilet, use toilet paper for any remaining “clumps”, then use my diaper sprayer to spray off the remaining poop. We’ve only been cloth diapering for about a month now so I’m always looking for new tricks. This weekend was our first trip away since beginning to CD, and I used a peri bottle to get the poop off. I had to refill the bottle several times but it did pretty good!

  9. Thanks for sharing your tips about how to use it effectively, and keep it clean. What a great product!

  10. Using a liner can prevent pb poo from sticking to your diaper 😀

  11. Clean them as soon as possible so nothing sets and stains.

  12. rebekah kane says:

    Interesting concept- I worry about keeping the bottom of the spray pal clean since it goes into the toilet- but I guess it would be easy enough to spray some cleaner on it then rinse with the diaper sprayer afterwards…

    • Rebekah- I routinely spray my shower hose, toilet, and Spray Pal with a vinegar/water mixture to keep bacteria at bay!

  13. Mary Schuh says:

    Our bathroom is really small, but whenever I clean a poopy diaper I bring out diaper pal with me so I don’t have to drip through our apartment. It’s a pain, but it works in our tiny apartment. Once we get a house, I will have a diaper pail or wet bag (don’t have any wet bags yet as DH only wants me to use cloth at home) in the bathroom.

  14. Jessica Hughes says:

    No tips here since baby girl is still EBF, but I plan on using our detachable shower head in place of a diaper sprayer!

  15. Shake and wipe solids out into the toilet (don’t have a sprayer so that really is the only way to remove the solid before placing the diaper in the wash).

  16. Bethany Mandel says:

    What a fantastic concept!

  17. Lily Ivey says:

    I shake whatever solids can go into the toilet right away. Then, I let the diaper sit because somehow it’s easier to spray any remaining poop after it’s dried a bit.

  18. Colleen O says:

    Toilet train your little one…;-P

  19. Shannon Taylor says:

    This thing is genius! I need one so badly since I haven’t yet mastered the “perfect” spray.

  20. Susan Griffith says:

    I can’t wait to try the spraypal.

  21. Lauren Powell says:

    I face the diaper away and start off by spraying at a distance then get closer as their is less and less poop on the diaper or I will press it up against inside of bowl and flush to get a lighter soiled diaper clean.

  22. I just use a baby wipe right now.. it’s not a good experience 😉

  23. Im new to cloth diapering, so I don’t have any tips at all, were actually still conceiving. I liked reading all these tips though!

  24. milagreta r. says:

    shake off solids and soak dipe so stains don’t set in.

  25. Monica Victor Colling says:

    Love the idea of this product!

  26. Michele R. says:

    It’s been 3 years since I’ve cloth diapered, but we’re about to start again with babe #2 due in September! The main tip/trick that I remember with cloth from our first is to rinse poopy ones, and wash all diapers frequently. Even if you have a big stash, don’t let soiled ones sit- smells and stains set in that way.

  27. What an amazing product! If I don’t win it I’m def gonna buy one:-$

  28. Rachel Kay says:

    Well, since I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little bean and the chance to use cloth diapers, I don’t know any tips yet. But I can’t wait to learn and would love to use this sprayer as one!

  29. I have no tips because I am still new to the clothing diapering thing. But I love that method in the video above! The clip is a wonderful addition! Thank you (and your husband) for the demo!

  30. Rachel A. says:

    Love my spray pal and the people who make it! What a great family and product! can’t live without it!

  31. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I wish I had one of these! I always feel like no matter how careful I am when spraying diapers off that I am still contaminating everything, so this would be perfect!!

  32. I want a Spray Pal! I haven’t started using my diaper sprayer yet, but I just know I’m going to make a mess all over when I do use it.

  33. I’m not cleaning cloth diapers yet but I’m sure I’ll have some things to learn when the time comes! This looks really helpful!

  34. This looks like a really interesting tool. I don’t have a diaper sprayer, but I think combined with the Spraypal it would make cloth diapering a breeze!