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SOPA PIPA Blackout

I’ve always heard that polite conversation shouldn’t include religion or politics.  I’ve never been much of a polite conversationalist, and do discuss my faith on this site,  and don’t apologize for it.  I figure it’s my site, and my voice.  That being said, I typically don’t discuss politics here.  Not because I don’t have any opinions, because I do.  I guess I just figure that by letting it be known that I am a conservative Christian, most people can surmise what my stance is. So, it hasn’t been necessary.

The time has come, though, when I need to exercise my voice.

That Bald Chick Blackout

Because every voice counts. Freedom of speech is a right guaranteed to citizens of the United States of America. I think it’s only fair to let my readers know that there are currently two pieces of legislation that threaten that Constitutional right of free speech.  The SOPA and PIPA bills are real. While President Obama promised to veto the SOPA bill if it made it to his desk, I don’t like the idea of it even making it there in the first place. KWIM?

This is a slippery slope, folks. First it will be copyright infringement claims that cause a site to be shut down. Before long, anyone with an axe to grind against anyone else who happens to have an opinion and a website… well.

For example, someone gets ticked because I happen to mention my faith. They file a claim that I am infringing on their copyright. You get the picture.

There are many nations in this world where free speech is not afforded. The United States of America is not one of them. Let’s keep it that way!

Not sure what SOPA or PIPA are? Check out this infographic. Check out the Wikepedia blackout. Check out what the ACLJ has to say about SOPA. Then get on the phone and let your elected officials know your stance!



Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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