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Some days are better than others

marker on wall

Yes.  Yes, that is marker on my kitchen wall.

No.  No, I am not smiling.

I guess I will be buying Mr. Clean Magic Erasers in bulk, as there are literally eight foot marker lines down the wall.

See what happens when Mommy has to go potty.

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  1. Oh dear, they look pretty big. I’d buy a case of the magic erasers, not just a box 🙂

  2. Uh oh, so sorry! Those magic erasers work wonders though. Good luck.

  3. My son was smart he use to do it behind his bedroom door LOL.

    But gotta love those magic erasers!

  4. Oh boy, I do not miss those days lol. I love the Magic Erasers though. Those things are awesome!

  5. Those Magic Erasers saved me from painting walls when I sold my house. I love those things!

    Do you suppose that was his payback for a week without Legos? 😉

  6. Oh cripes… I was in the days before magic erasers when that was happening. I can not tell you how fast a kid can pick up a marker and manage to ‘express’ themselves!

  7. How dare you go potty, don’t you know better?!?! lol. I am going to buy stock in Magic Eraser.

  8. We have wall art too. Magic erasers don’t work on red walls…it takes the red paint off too 🙁

  9. We always have magic erasers on hand for this very reason lol.