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Soft Surroundings Outlet Review

A few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting staff from Soft Surroundings, a Saint Louis based store specializing in quality fashion and bedding, while attending Bloggy Boot Camp in St. Louis. 

Soft Surroundings flagship store is located at The Boulevard in St. Louis (across from St. Louis Galleria).  Santa Cruz Skirt from SoftSurroundingsOutlet.comPerfect Fit Top from SoftSurroundingsOutlet.comThe company also offers catalog sales and online shopping opportunities at and outlet sales at

When offered a chance to work with Soft Surroundings on a review, my eyes immediately gravitated toward the Perfect Fit Top and the Santa Cruz Skirt, which are currently on sale in their store.  The Perfect Fit Top is cute.  I adore the sweetheart neckline with the ruffled look.  The Santa Cruz Skirt is absolutely gorgeous.  I immediately loved the colors in the skirt.  I actually saw the skirt first, and thought the top they had paired with it was a perfect fit (lol), so why mess with what the experts put together, right? 

I waffled on what size skirt to order.  My initial thought was to order a large, because, well, I am not accustomed to being able to order catalog clothes in anything other than a large.  I know I’ve lost weight, but I didn’t think I could pull off a smaller size.  After looking at the sizing chart, though, I decided I should order a medium skirt.  I ordered the top in a large because it is fitted.

Perfect Fit Top from SoftSurroundingsOutlet.comSanta Cruz Skirt from

As you can see, I paired the top with a cami for modesty sake.  I’ve always shied away from the shirred or ruched tops, because I was afraid that they would A) draw too much attention to the girls and B) add definition to lines I don’t want seen, much less defined.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good this top looked on me. And that is saying something for any fitted top.  LOL.  What I was even more surprised by is how incredibly soft the top is.  It is just heavenly. The top is a Rayon/spandex blend and is 26" long.  The label says hand wash (whatev). 

The skirt is dip-dyed by hand to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  It is fashioned from draping rayon with an easy on elastic waist, has a full length cotton lining, and is 36" long (Misses). The label says hand wash (again, whatev).  I was glad that I requested the medium skirt, because it fit perfectly.  In fact, another ten pounds and I will have to have it taken in.   The skirt is also incredibly soft.  I love the irregular lines of the colors at the bottom.  I avoid horizontal stripes like the plague, because they add width where I need no help.  The irregular line of the stripes on this skirt didn’t do that.  I also love that the skirt has the full length cotton lining, which makes it a breeze to wear.  No slip.  YEAH!!!!

Clothing from

I paired the outfit with some cobalt blue flip flops and pink jewelry.  I thought it was very cute, and my husband was very impressed.  This is one ensemble that will be in my closet for years to come, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Check out Soft Surroundings on Facebook and follow Soft Surroundings on Twitter for all the latest deals.  Also follow Soft Surroundings on Pinterest for the latest style ideas. 

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