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Slow and steady #getfit

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You may remember from my The Scale Said What post that I had regained a large portion of the weight that I previously lost.  After I bought running shoes, arch support inserts, and got a jogging stroller, it was time to upgrade to the Fitbit One.  It’’s time to get fit.  fitbit one

Well, you know the old saying, popularized by the story of the tortoise and the hare?  Slow and steady wins the race.  Well, my journey to get fit has definitely been slow.  It has also been steady.

I started counting calories again, wearing my Fitbit One, started running, and trying to be more active in general.  I started doing more stairs.  Even when I don’t have to.  I get a badge on the Fitbit site for 10 flights.  I also get one if I hit 25 flights, then again at 50 flights.  I try to hit at least 10 flights daily.  I’ve hit 25 quite a few times now.  I’ve only hit 50 twice, and it was really two sets of 25 on those days.  One of these days I will hit 75.

As you know, I purchased my first Fitbit in 2011 and have worn one ever since.  I <3 my Fitbit.   The Fitbit One has all the cool features of my older Fitbit Ultra.  It can track steps, miles, stairs, calories burned, etc.  My favorite new feature is that I can set it to alarm silently.  Since I wear mine clipped to my bra, it gently wakens me when I want to get up to run!

On the days that I ignore that silent alarm, the kids and I have been going to the park.  I ignore the alarm a lot.  The park is two miles from home.  The short way.  While they ride their bikes, I walk/jog/run according to whatever the voice in my ear (my C25K app) tells me to do.

When we get to the park, I am generally WORN out and just want to pass out on the bench.

me at the park

The kids are just getting wound up, though, so we play.  Whether it’s tag with Sister or Parcour with both of them, I try to do whatever their little hearts desire.

tag with sisterparcour at the park

When I can.

This week my shins have been hurting., so I’ve had to rest my legs for a bit before I can play with them.

resting my legs

I’ve managed to cut my pace down to an average of 12 minutes per mile IF I keep it to 2-2.5 miles.  If I do the full 3.2 miles, my pace jumps up to almost 15 minutes per mile.  Dude, who knew a third mile could be so hard?

Like I said before, this time around I am taking it ten pounds at a fitbit measurement history

As of Friday, my #fitstats show that I just have 2.5 lb to go to my first goal of being under 190lb (as you can see, I’ve made friends with my Fitbit Aria again).  So far, I’ve lost it the good old fashioned way, consuming less than I burn.  I haven’t added any supplements like I had thought about.  Haven’t decided against it, just not sure I want to spend the money when I may need to get compression socks for shin splints.  Ouch.

Tell me about your journey to get (or stay) fit!

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  1. You are doing fantastic!!!! I stopped nursing 3 weeks ago and gained 4 pounds, I am just having such a hard time loosing weight now that I stopped nursing. I think I need to seriously count my calories because I don’t know what is going on.

    • Thanks, so much, Amanda! I really think calorie counting has helped me. It helps me be more aware of what I eat, too, because I realize I have to record it!

  2. You can do it! It’s better to be a slow turtle thaan a fast hare!

  3. I’m having fun watching your fitness journey on Instagram! My shins have been hurting, too. What’s that about?

    I really think you’re right about “slow and steady.” I’ve lost weight quickly before, but it never stayed off. This time, I’m hoping it’s for good!

  4. We need to make the jump to gluten free in our family to start our journey! Then walking walking walking!

    • Why do you need to go gluten free, Kerri?

      • My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sebby has Autism. Since there have been studies that gluten can cause inflammation, it needs to go – it’s just making that step. Our doctors haven’t suggested it, but all of the reading I’ve done does.

        • Makes sense, Kerri, thanks! Changes like that are so hard to make. I did gluten free for a few weeks (because I was having some stomach issues) and it was SO hard. I now only use flat breads or limit pasta or cereal to once a week. I never realized how many things had gluten in them, though! I did find that I love Udi’s products. 😀

          • Oh I love them too! They’re really high quality. I have a bunch of their products in my freezer right now! I think a lot of food intolerances stem from more than just gluten too – and ironically sometimes the fancy grain breads are worse!

            Costco has these multi-grain tortillas you should try – they have flax and some other things in them. My mom is able to eat them and she has a gluten-intolerance. We used them to make philly cheese steak wraps the other day. sooo good!

  5. Keeping track of what you’ve accomplished really helps keep me on track. Fitness is so important to me, especially now that I’m a mom. I want to be a good example, and be healthy for my kiddos. Reading about your journey gives me inspiration to keep plugging along.

  6. I’m always inspired to read people’s journeys to weight loss. It always motivates me to continue on my own journey to becoming more fit.

  7. proud of you!

  8. You are an inspiration:) I am SO out of shape, I justify it since I am not a large person and I am not overweight. I need to start exercising regularly though because I am finding my energy level to be so low lately. I have 3 little kids to keep up with so I better get on it.

  9. That is so awesome, way to go! It is hard to loose weight and you are almost to your goal!

  10. I’ve been trying to lose some weight by walking my grandson around the neighborhood. He enjoys it and it’s good for me.

  11. You go girl. So inspirational!

  12. christina moore says:

    Proud of you, keep up the good work

  13. Good for you! Weight doesn’t go on overnight, so we shouldn’t expect it to leave that quickly either. Keep up the good work!