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I Just Went to Sleep on the Moon

After the nurse came in to give us our discharge papers, I helped Mister put his jammies back on.  The nurse came in and let him hunt for treasure in the Surgery Land Treasure Chest.

hunting for treasure

He picked an orange cup with a snowman on it, and a clear ball with a snowman in it.

hunting for treasure

After he secured his loot, I told him we needed to put our coats on since we were going home.  He leaned back and informed me he wasn’t going anywhere.  What?

serious toddler

I am not kidding!  He said, “You can just go home by yourself, I am staying right here.”

sad panda face

He was as serious as a heart attack! I had to pick him up and carry him out, because he refused to get off the bed.  LOL.

Once we got out to the waiting area, he informed me, “Today it’s my job to do everything my way, so I am pushing the buttons on the elevator.”  Okay.

As we were driving home, I asked him if he could tell me what happened when he went to sleep.  This was our conversation…

“Sure thing, Mommy.  I just went to sleep on the moon.”
“On the moon?”
“Yep, on the moon.”
“Oh, okay.  Well, what happened while you were sleeping on the moon?”
“I heard the crickets,” he said.
“There were crickets on the moon?”
”Uh huh.”
”Were the crickets singing?”
”No, they were just cricketing.”
”And the lion, it just said roar.”
”There was a lion?”
”Yah, Mommy, and a baby.  The lion just said roar.”
”Oh, and what was the baby doing?”
”The baby was playing.”
”That’s nice.  What was the baby playing with?”
”The baby was playing with the lion, Mommy.  You know that.”

Because he was older this time around, I google’d anesthesia and children to see what I could expect.  I found some great information, but none of them mentioned sleeping on the moon.

Having had dozens of surgeries myself as a child, I can see where the big lights in the operating room could resemble a moon to a child under the effects of anesthesia.  Perhaps they had soundscapes on, and that is where the cricketing crickets came from.  The lion and the baby?  Morphine and oxycodone is my guess…


He’s chilling on the couch now, and is pretty zoned.

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  1. so happy to hear he is home, even tho he wanted to stay! LOL! maybe he thought the lions would come & play if he stayed? He sure has a great imagination & vocabulary! healing hugs~

  2. I just went back to read your posts about him having surgery. I almost had to have tear duct surgery when I was younger. I’m glad he was in good spirits after! It’s a cute story, and I agree anesthesia can do some crazy things. I remember the first time Gavyn had laughing gas for a filling…he was acting all crazy lol. Hope he feels better!

  3. what a sweet heart. He’s a trooper. HUGS

  4. Awww, poor kiddo. I’m going to have to read your other posts on like Nichol said. I bet that’s scary for both him and you guys to have surgery.

    Thanks for the post Virginia! 🙂

  5. What a sweet boy. I want to sleep on the moon too!

    Glad that the surgery went well and that it is over.

  6. Awww. As I was reading your little Mister’s recount I couldn’t help think that you’ve got the makings of a very interesting children’s book there.

    Hope he’s doing better.

  7. Ah, a nap on the moon sounds divine. (((HUGS))) to your sweet boy.

  8. If that’s what he remembers from going through the experience, I’d say it’s a win!

  9. Poor thing! At least he had good dreams!

  10. Aww, I am happy he is home. What an independent little man! A snooze on the moon is not such a bad dream.

  11. I also think you have a great start to a children’s book! I hope he’s feeling better now.