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Sippy Cups, Standing Up, and a Few Recipes

Sippy Cups

A few weeks ago, I introduced a sippy cup to Mister.  He still thinks it’s a toy.  The thing goes everywhere BUT his mouth.  So, on Sunday, I was commiserating with a friend (Christy), and she suggested that I try giving Mister sips from a cup without a lid to get him started.  She said that back in the ’80s, that is how they got their kids to transition.  Because sippy cups have spill proof valves, she said that Mister might not realize that he can get something out of the thing by sucking on it.  Now, why didn’t I think of that?

So, yesterday I decided to give it a whirl.  At lunch time, I got out a cup and mixed some apple juice with water (he’s still on half strength juice) and gave him a sip from the cup.  Wouldn’t you know that he just loved it!  Of course, he wore as much as he sipped, but he really enjoyed the new way of drinking.  We repeated the exercise at dinner and he was so happy.

This morning, when I got the cup out, he actually got excited!  At lunch and at dinner, he tried to take the cup!  How cute is that?  I’m hoping that this means that we will be making a smooth transition to sippy cups by the time he is a year old.  We’ve got a little over 2 months to work at it, so wish me luck.

Standing Up

Mister has been pulling up on the furniture and cruising for a few weeks now.  But today, he actually stood on his own.  I mean, pushed up from the ground and stood on his own two legs without any help and without holding on to anything!  It lasted only a few seconds, because he got so excited that he landed on his bumm again.  I am excited to see what he does tomorrow.

A few recipes

Pamela over at Digitreats is doing a recipe exchange through the end of September.  She is allowing us to use her ABC Kits (Run, Skip, Jump) to make recipe cards and she is collecting them all.  At the end of the month, everyone that participates will get copies of ALL of the recipes submitted.  How fun is that?  I wanted to show you the two that I submitted today…

lvd_recipe_cookies001 lvd_recipe_chicken001

If you want these bad boys, you will have to participate in the exchange.

You can find more details about the Recipe Brag Book here.

Now, jump on over there, because I want copies of your favorite recipes, too!

Be blessed!


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