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Should I sing the Ode de Toilette or not

So, I’ve been contemplating toilet training.  According to the pediatrician, children must be physically and emotionally ready for toilet training, and this usually occurs sometime between 22 and 30 months of age.  If you start to early, warns the doctor, you will do nothing but frustrate yourself and your child(ren).

Mister started intermittently recognizing the need to go potty around 24 to 26 months.  I was actually quite surprised, as he has had right and left groin hernias repaired and a hypospadius repair.  So, I expected him to start recognizing the sensation at a much later age.  So, I decided not to push the potty training issue.  I figure he will train when he’s ready to, right?

For the last four months, his interest in the potty has waxed and waned.  Some days he will go on the potty two or three times.  Others he wouldn’t go at all.

About three weeks ago, I started telling him that he had to go potty before he could take a bath, so that we didn’t end up having to replace the water in the tub a gazillion times.  He seems to have mastered this concept.

Over the couple of days, I have noticed that he is becoming a little more aware of things.

Yesterday he went on the potty three times.  And he went number two also.

He is thirty months old.

Sister has seen Mister go on the potty countless times.  A few weeks ago, she acted like she wanted to sit on the potty too, so I tried setting her up there.  She panicked, so I took her down immediately and didn’t attempt it again.

Until yesterday.

After Mister went potty, Sister acted like she wanted to also.  So, I set her up there.  She sat for a minute, went potty, then started clapping.

Of course, I praised both of them.

As the evening progressed, several times she came to me and pulled at the front of her diaper, like she was trying to tell me something.  When I asked, “Do you need to go potty?” she would run to the bathroom door.  Granted, most of those were attempts to sit and play on the potty.  But she did end up going twice.

She is sixteen months old.

I know that around 15-18 months, children start wanting to imitate their same age peers and those older than them.

I also know that both kids meet most of the goals on the “Is your child ready” checklist.

  • Both will let me know when their diaper is wet or stinky.
  • Both seem to be interested in the toilet.
  • Mister can say he needs to go potty.  Sister will grab at her diaper then run to the bathroom when asked if she needs to go.
  • Neither of them will stay in a wet or soiled diaper long.
  • Both can stay dry for at least two hours during the day.
  • Both usually wake up from naps with a dry diaper, although it is wet pretty quickly after waking.
  • Both can remove their diaper independently (not fun).

I started looking at training pants online today and comparing prices.  You know, the really thick underwear that most of us wore to potty train.  Yah, those.  Ugh.  Those things average $2 to $3 a pair.  And that’s for the ugly white ones.  I found some really cute ones for upwards of $8 a pair.

So, should I start singing the Ode de Toilette, or not?

Should I start pushing the issue, or let them take the lead?

I’ve read that average age for boys to be fully trained is 36-38 months, and average age for girls is 36 months.

I would love it if both kids were out of diapers by Christmas (Mister would be 36 months, and Sister would be 22 months).

What are your thoughts?

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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  1. Only you and your kiddos will know when to start and from what you said sounds like it’s time for both. I threw out the parenting rule book long ago as one of mine was late at everything and the other was early. Good Luck! Keep us updated how it goes. 🙂
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