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Shooting Hoops

shooting hoops

“Mom, can we go out front and play basketball?” Mister asks.

“Sure, let’s go.”

So, we grab our coats and head outside.  We have a kids basketball goal set up on the sidewalk, and as recently as a few months ago, both of my kids really liked it.  So, I grab the little D&B ball we usually use for it, and head around the house.

Apparently, that hoop just isn’t cool enough anymore.

“Those kind of basketball goals are for babies and little kids, Mom,” Mister says with a note of disdain in his voice.  “Big kids don’t use that kind!  And since I’m four, I am a big kid.  So, I am not using it.”

Okay, Mister Opinionated, I think.  Isn’t it funny, how kids can love something one minute, and the next minute they’ve outgrown it?

So, I grab the big basketball, and walk around to the “big kid basketball goal.”

I guess it’s a good thing Hubs spent some time shopping for a bigger basketball hoop last year.  Hubs enjoys shooting hoops, as do the rest of us.   He searched online, and talked to a few neighbors, and decided we should get one of the adjustable hoops.  There are at least two other adjustable hoops on our block, and they have held up well with the St. Louis weather.  In fact, one of them has been there since Hubs bought the house, over seven years ago.  So we are hoping ours will last us until the kids are in high school.

shooting hoopsshooting hoopsshooting hoops

Fortunately, that means Mister’s got plenty of time to work on that lay up!

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  1. He looks so cute shooting hoops! Glad he got a big kid basketball goal!

  2. My boys love basket ball, too!

  3. We always had a hoop, even when Ben went to college he’d come hang out with his friends on the weekend & get together playing a one on one game with his old friends or his dad.

  4. Looks like he is having a blast.

  5. My son loves basketball!

  6. Looks like he had some fun! 🙂

  7. Too adorable! I love basketball!

  8. ah he looks so cute

  9. We love shooting hoops in our driveway. There was a hoop there when we bought the house, but have since replaced it with a new one. We like to play h-o-r-s-e. 🙂

  10. Too cute!! Kids are so funny about some things!

  11. He is just too cute!

  12. What a sweet boy 🙂 He looks so cute in those photos…you really have beautiful kids.

  13. I think they’re a great investment. We spent so much time playing with ours! He looks awfully cute out there!

  14. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh that is so cute! Since I am 4 I am a big kid!!! 🙂 Kids say the most precious things! Carter is only 2 so we are just going into the little ones!

  15. he’s cute shooting hoops. my grandsons have loved hoops for years and they have needed the thing adjusted a lot

  16. We have an adjustable goal too. It is great for any age. Glad you have it now since 4 years old is SO grown up.

  17. We don’t have a hoop, but me being 6 foot tall I am sure we need one soon for my son 🙂