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She’s Going to the Chapel

She’s going to the chapel, and she’s gonna get married…

My sister, Denyse, is getting married on May 27th, and I am her Matron of Honor.  Squeal!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of going wedding dress shopping with her.  Here are some of the dresses that she tried on…

Wedding Dress Options

I seriously had so much fun dress shopping with her, and had to laugh when I kept getting DM’s on Facebook (after posting pics) and texts asking when I was getting married.  I felt compelled to post a clarifier that it was Sis getting married, not me.  I know we look similar, but dude, I’ve been happily married for seven years!  LOL.

After trying on quite a few, we had to tell the wedding dress gal that we needed something lighter and cooler.  Sis has a bad back and is unable to sweat properly.  So, the wedding dress gal grabbed some dresses from their “Destination Collection.”  Strapless Wedding DressHalter Wedding Dress

As you can see, she was most comfortable in the last two.  I think she looked radiant in both, even WITH the Pink Panther Scrub Cap.  :::giggle:::

And no, I am not telling which one she picked, you’ll just have to wait for the actual wedding pictures.

Now, I have to get busy planning a wedding shower and bachelorette party.  My plate just got a little bit fuller!

Link me to your favorite Bridal Shower games and ideas on Pinterest!

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  1. I LOVE the dresses – and I too had to do a double take when you were posting pics on FB. I was all “Aww, pretty!….Wait, what!?” LOL

    For Bachelorette Games, I dont know how “wild” you want to get, but when I did one last year when I was MOH, we found a deck of cards that were a “scavenger hunt” of sorts. As all took our phones and raced around (we stayed at a casino) taking pictures of everything on our cards. It was stuff like “get a man to practice walking you down the aisle” (I got that one) “kiss a bald mans head” (I got that one too LOL) We found the cards at Spencers I think.

    We also took a spool of ribbon and told everyone to take a piece as LONG as they wanted and then when everyone had a piece they had to give their best marital advice while wrapping it around their finger – they had to talk for as long as it took to wrap… its hysterical cause people take REALLY long ones… and its the long ones that start giving the REAL advice after about a minute of wrapping LOL

    Ohhhh… and the Panty Relay if you have a bunch of ladies – divide into even groups and get some BIG Granny Panties. Everyone stands in a line and pulls them up (over their clothes of course) and then back down and hands to the person behind them to do the same. When the person at the end of the line gets the panties they run to the front of the line and put them on and shout “I WEAR GRANNY PANTIES” …. HY-STERICAL watching women try to get those things on fast – especially if they are wearing heels. We about DIED laughing.

    OHHHH and the Toilet Paper Bride!!!! Divide into groups again and give everyone 3 rolls of toilet paper. Each group has like 5-10 minutes (it goes FAST) to create the best toilet paper dress they can.

    Ok now I need someone to get married… LOL

  2. How fun. I remember shopping with my sister for her dress. It was a blast.

    At her shower we did asked everyone to write a piece of marriage advice and on paper and bring it along. It was neat to see them all together.

  3. I kept seeing the pics and thinking “Isn’t she already married?”

  4. I like that halter style dress on the bottom!

    For games… oi. I don’t have any clicked on Pinterest. But there are lots of fun photo ideas that you gals should try to do! I have them on my Pinterest Photo Inspiration page: