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Sesame Street Alphabet Songs DVD Review

I believe I have stated before how obsessed my youngest daughter, Ms. A, is with Sesame Street.  I am thrilled to tell you that her obsession has only intensified over time *eye roll*  In fact, she is so obsessed that whenever she sees a television screen (at church, at other people’s houses, at a store), she points and yells at the top of her lungs, “ELMOOOOOOO!”  It’s pretty stinking cute, although I am semi-resentful about the fact that is so crazy about Elmo because his voice drives me batty!

Alphabet Songs

In all fairness, I do really love what she can learn from Sesame Street.  Counting, the alphabet, valuable life lessons about things like sharing, being helpful, etc…the show is a wealth of learning opportunities.    Typical of the show, the Sesame Street Alphabet Songs DVD is jam packed with over 2 hours of letters, letter sounds, vocabulary lessons, and music, and my kid FLIPPED OUT when she watched it!  Bonus points: I needed to cook dinner so I turned this DVD on for  Ms. A and the little boy that I watch two days a week, and it was silent (the good silent, not the scary kind) in my living room, allowing me to cook dinner in peace!  I’d highly recommend this DVD for any child as obsessed with Elmo as mine!

More about the latest DVD from Sesame Street… “Warm up your vocal chords and sing your ABCs with Elmo and all your favorite Sesame Street Muppets™! In Sesame Street: Alphabet Songs, preschoolers will float with an astronaut in space, juggle with a robot and swing by the “G Club” to hear the different sounds they all make. Packed with lively and engaging melodies, the episodes on this DVD foster a rich understanding of letters and vocabulary by emphasizing sounds and connecting them with visuals to reinforce the learning. Full of furry friends, special celebrity guests, animation and real children, this feature includes songs for every letter of the alphabet!”

The Sesame Street Alphabet Songs retails for $14.98 (DVD) or $9.99 (Digital) and is available wherever children’s DVDs are sold.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Awww we loved Sesame Street when my kids were young. Well, except for the one where they did the “on top of spaghetti” song and the big giant meatball was rolling around. That one scared my daughter LOL

    • I remember that one! haha! It WAS scary! My least favorite contemporary Sesame Street involves a song about Elmo riding his tricycle…ahhh! Can’t do it…drives me nuts! haha!