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SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium

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Mister is doing the Apologia Swimming Creatures course this year, through our homeschool co-op.  He is really enjoying learning about sea life, so when the opportunity presented to take the family to SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium, of course I was excited.  We have family in the Kansas City area, so it was only natural to combine our family time with our SEA LIFE time and the whole gang go to enjoy the day together.  Here’s our family with my husband’s parents and sister. Our Family at SeaLife Aquarium

We were visiting on a Saturday, and arrived shortly before the doors opened at 10 a.m. While we were waiting in line, I heard someone over the loud speaker say something about squid dissection.  I thought I had misheard, but Mister immediately became excited and said, “You mean I can dissect a real squid?”  Yup, I heard them correctly. I wasn’t sure whether Mister would actually want to do the dissection later in the day, or if he’d even remember, so I didn’t purchase the Squid Anatomy Class admission when it was our turn to go through admissions.

Anyway, through the line we went, and soon we were beyond amazed as we journeyed through exhibits that are home to more than 5,000 Sea Creatures!  From clownfish to sea turtles, to the common octopus to the cownose stingray.  My kids loved them ALL. Sister was particularly smitten with this stingray, whom she was convinced was trying to blow her kisses…perhaps he was.

Up Close with a StingRay

Mister loved the fin facts that were on the wall throughout the aquarium. He made sure to look at each one, and everyone joined him in finding answers.

SeaLife Fin Facts

By far, one of the most popular spots was the touch pool, though Sister was hesitant to do any touching at first.  I actually had to do a hand over hand approach, to get her to touch a sea star.  Once she did, though, she was quite thrilled with her bravery, and proceeded to touch many of the creatures in the touch pool.

SeaLife Touch Pool

As we winded our way through the aquarium, Mister asked what time it was.  I told him, and he said, “Mom, we have to hurry, we don’t want to miss the Squid Anatomy Class.”  I guess he remembered.  LOL.  So, I had to wind my way back through the aquarium to the admissions desk to purchase tickets.  The class is only $5 per student, and I just had to go in, too.  It’s been years since I last dissected anything, and I was excited.  Not nearly as excited as he, though.  Here he is waiting for his very own squid.

Waiting for Squid

And now, to study the model, read our vocabulary, and dissect.

Squid Dissection at SeaLife

He was able to use the squid ink to sign his name on the back of the vocabulary card.  When we went back to co-op, he proudly showed it to his Swimming Creatures teacher.  He later declared that the squid dissection was his favorite part of the day.  It was my favorite part, too, which made that $10 well spent.

Admission to SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium range from $15-$20, depending on age and day of the week.  You can save up to $5 per ticket by booking online in advance.  We will definitely be visiting SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium again! I can’t wait until Sister is old enough to dissect things!

***Disclosure- we received complimentary admission for four to SEA LIFE for our family.  My in-laws purchased their own tickets, and we purchased admission to the Squid Anatomy Class ourselves.***

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