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Scooby Snacks Cause Major Meltdown

I recently got Scooby Snacks , which are dog biscuit shaped graham crackers, for my kids, because I thought they were cute…


Never in a MILLION YEARS did I think these things would cause epic embarrassment and literal meltdowns!

First, the epic embarrassment… last week as we are strolling through the drug store, Sister informs anyone who would listen that “Mommy feeds me doggy food.”  Really?  OH MY!  I’m sure you can just imagine the looks I was getting, as I walk through the store with my coupon binder and kids in tow!  One older woman gave me the evil eye, and I was like, “Really?  Does she LOOK like I feed her dog food?”  Ugh.

–As a side note, it really is paybacks for my own childhood… I once told the babysitter that my Mom let me eat dog food.  Um hmmm.  It comes back on you, only worse.  At least I told it to someone that wouldn’t believe it!

Now for the literal meltdowns.  We were down to two packs of Scooby Snacks this morning.  I briefly thought about hiding them, when I realized we only had two packs left, but I thought, “Meh, it’s just graham crackers.”

Boy was I ever wrong!

Mister asked for a pack to go with his lunch.  No problem.  Sister wanted pudding with her lunch.  Got it.

After Mister polished off his package of Scooby Snacks, he asked for more.  By this time, Sister was done with her pudding, and said “Unt some.” Which meant she, too, wanted the sole remaining package.  I told Mister he could have pudding (like she just had) because it was only fair that Sister get some.



I gave her the Scooby Snacks and made the mistake of turning my back.

World War III, Baby.

They were literally fighting over dog biscuit shaped graham crackers!

Sister starts screaming “more doggy food” while Mister is yelling, “MOMMY! YOU HAVE TO BUY MORE SCOOBY SNACKS!”

If I didn’t know better, I would think these things were crack for kids!

I guess I need to make a grocery run.  I hope they still have these in Target’s Grocery Aisle, since they were discontinued by the manufacturer!

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  1. No way in…….. would I go back and buy them more over a meltdown!

    But that’s just me!

    • Lisa- I am inclined to agree. I haven’t gone out to get any, and if I do get any later this week, it will be because they are on sale 🙂

  2. too funny ;.)

  3. So funny!
    What would have been a real meltdown is if it happened in store and dog biscuits went flying 😛

  4. My four year old has meltdowns often about all sorts of things. HUGS! These are apparently a very popular snack in your house, but I haven’t ever had them 🙁 Will look for them, I think the kids would love them!