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Scentsy Review and Virtual Party

Press Sample
A few years ago, when my former roommate bought her first home, I purchased a pretty Scentsy warmer and some Scentsy bars for her as a housewarming gift. Symphony Scentsy WarmerShe’s a jazz lover, and the Symphony Scentsy Warmer was the perfect touch for her home.  I didn’t own a Scentsy warmer myself, but I’d read rave reviews of them and new that LT would love it.   Fast forward to few months ago, my niece had a Scentsy party, and just to help her out I bought a few bars of the Sugar scent bars to help her out.  I didn’t personally own a Scentsy warmer. I got the bars and put them away for “one day.” Little did I know the opportunity would present to review a Scentsy warmer, but that is exactly what happened! Keri, an independent Scentsy consultant, contacted me about doing a review, and of course, I agreed. I love supporting small businesses and WAHM’s!

I immediately chose the Cube Ebony Gallery Warmer, because I could easily put it in any room of the house.  I chose the Bead Snapshot Gallery Frame to go with it.

When I received the warmer, I was pleasantly surprised.  Candle warmers that I have owned, and seldom used, in the past required a tea light candle to be lit under the wax pot.  The Scentsy warmer is completely flameless, which is just awesomesauce.  I can have the aroma of candles, without the fire hazard.  YAY!

Scentsy Warmer in Use

I initially thought I’d put a photo of the kids in the frame.  As it turns out, the ones I have are too light in color to really look good.  I discovered that darker backgrounds work best in the frame, if the subject (i.e. my kids) are lighter).  I played around a bit with it, put a printed poem in there that looked nice with the light background and dark font, but my all time favorite is a nativity scene that I cut out of a previous Christmas card.  It looks great in there.

I selected the Clove & Cinnamon, My Dear Watson, and Winter Pine scents based off of their descriptions.  I’m hard pressed to figure out which one I like the best, because I do like them all.  Having the Winter Pine in the living room, with the Christmas decorations out, has been simply wonderful!

I didn’t realize, before, that Scentsy also offers car fresheners, hand soaps and shower gels, room sprays, and even laundry products.  They’ve taken the Scentsy game to the next level!  We also tried the Honeymoon Hideaway Hand Soap, and the scent is lovely!

I thought it’d be neat to host a virtual Scentsy party, for those of you who may be in need of a Scentsy pick me up.  Just click on the tiny blue arrow at the top of any page of Keri’s Scentsy Website and select ‘’s party’.  If you forget to select a party, there is also a reminder at checkout.

thatbaldchick scentsy party

What is your favorite Scentsy scent?

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