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EatSmart GoFit Body Fat Scale

As I mentioned in my last Getting Fit post, I thought our scale was a bit wonky at times.  So, when I received an opportunity to review the new EatSmart™ Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Scale , I was ecstatic.  The scale came in a few days ago, and I have been checking out all of it’s features.

Features? you ask.

Yes, features.

But, it’s a scale.

Ahhh, but not just any scale!


The all new EatSmart™ Precision GoFit Digital Body Fat Scale not only measures weight, it also measures body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass using EatSmart’s newest ITO BIA technology. BIA sends a safe, low level electrical current through the body which allows the Precision GoFit scale to analyze your body in real time.

GoFit Scale

So, when the new Body Fat scale came in, I had to compare it to the old wonky one… and they both had the same result.  I guess the old one wasn’t as wonky as I thought, after all.  BUT, the new one measures BODY FAT!  YEAH!

This is my weigh in from this morning…

GoFit Scale

The display is super easy to read, with large numbers (it has a 3.5″ Blue LCD display with white backlight).  The scale is thin and attractive in appearance.  Because of the high quality tempered glass platform, the surface of the scale is reflective.  Hence the creative border around the photo, since I weight first thing in the morning, after I pee, and in the buff.

The scale allows you to set up to eight profiles on it, which is also a neat feature.  I set up my own profile, and Hubs set up one for himself.  Mister and Sister were upset that they didn’t get their own profiles, but they weigh 34 and 26 pounds respectively.  Um, they don’t need a profile.

The percent body fat and percent body muscle measurements are cool tools, as well, since I am in the process of getting fit.  It will be SO much fun to watch the % body fat number drop, as the % body muscle goes up.

You can get your own GoFit Body Fat Scale on Amazon.

Learn more about EatSmart products at

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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