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Savvycents Wallet- for the Fashionably Frugal

As one who strives to be a good steward of the time, talents, and treasure that I have been blessed with, I am a frugal person.  Not cheap.  Just wise in the way I spend.  So, I do use some coupons.  Do I have fifty coupons for each trip to the grocery store?  No.  But, usually at least one to five. 

It gets to be a pain, keeping track of coupons and all. 

So, when I received an opportunity to review the Savvycents Wallet, that would allow me to keep coupons, cash, and cards all in my wallet but in separate categories, my interest was piqued.  When I learned that it also has a coin pouch, I was sold.  I am always losing change in my purse.  

About the product…

Melinda Claudepierre created the Savvycents Wallet after reading a book about becoming debt free and following the cash envelope system of budgeting.  She got frustrated with paper envelopes and disorganization in her wallet.  Thus, the birth of Savvycents. 

The Savvycents wallet is 8”x4” .  The inside has an accordion style file system with five pockets, each with a pocket size plastic tab divider to help you to separate by category.  The accordion system has a snap closure that is elasticized. On the face of the accordion system is two clear pockets, perfect for drivers license or ID.  Opposite the accordion system is 6 credit card sized pockets where you can store your debit and/or discount program cards.  There is also a check book sized pocket, for conveniently storing your checkbook, and a pen loop.  The wallet has a zip closure that goes around three sides.  On the outside of the wallet is a zipper pocket for coins.  It comes with 8 pre-printed tab labels and 8 blank tab labels.

The Savvycents Wallet is currently available in black or red patent leather, and will soon be available in pink patent leather.

What I thought…

I’ve been using the Savvycents wallet for several weeks now and really like it.  I am a huge fan of tab dividers and love this feature.  I can easily locate my coupons and keep them organized.  I chose to use the Grocery, Restaurants, and Miscellaneous printed labels and wrote my own for RX and kept one blank.  I can see how this wallet would be great for those using the envelope system of budgeting, as well.  I still lose my coins, but that has something to do with the fact that I drop them in the purse…

The wallet is well made with even seams and no loose stitching.  The zippers zip and unzip easily, but stay zipped when not in use.  Overall, it is an attractive wallet.

What I would change…

I wouldn’t change anything about the design of the wallet, but would love to see it in more fabric and color options. 

How I rate it…

Lady V dZine rates My Privates are Private a 5 out of 5 hearts

I give the Savvycents wallet a 5 out of 5 hearts.

Where you can buy it…

You can purchase the Savvycents wallet on the Savvycents Site.

Learn more about Savvycents at

You can also find Savvycents on Facebook and on Twitter.

Be blessed,


Lady V dZine

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