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Running in the Dark

The mornings here have just been too dark to run. I can’t see in the dark (I literally have no might vision) and the last time I did an early morning run, I nearly ate asphalt. Not pleasant. Really not pleasant.
A friend of mine runs at 4am all the time, so I asked her how she runs in the dark, and she replied,  “Headlamp.” Seriously?  “Like the geek gadget my husband has?” “Yep,” she said.
So, I ordered a headlamp.
I bought a Petzl Tikkina 2 Headlamp (available on for two reasons. First, it had great reviews (yes, I read reviews, I don’t just write them). It has an adjustable headband,  is supposed to be light weight, and have long burn times.  Second, it came in a pretty “French Rose” color. I don’t want my geek gadget mixed up with my husband’s geek gadget. LOL.

petzl headlamp

Isn’t that such a pretty color?  If I have to be a geek, I want to be a cute geek.  LOL.

This morning was my first time using the headlamp (it arrived yesterday). It was an awesome thing to be able to see while running in the dark.running in the dark
I did 4.77 miles in 53:14 minutes,  which isn’t bad considering it was my first real run since I had shin splints.
I need to work on running more and walking less, though.
After running this morning, I do think I need to get some reflective stripes or something on my jacket.
How did you spend your morning?

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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