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Roku XD Review

The Roku is a tiny little black box (it’s only one inch tall and less than five inches wide) that packs quite a punch.  This HD player is simple, easy to use, and affordable.  And it is one of my favorite tech gadgets!

Roku XD

There are actually 3 versions of the Roku available: The HD, the XD, and the XD|S.  The Roku XD is the midline version, and is able to stream movies from Netflix, Amazon VOD, and more, using your high-speed Internet connection.  It has built in wireless and wired Internet connectivity.  Since we have all of our home technology networked, the wireless feature is great to have.  The Roku XD plays up to 1080p HD video and will work on any TV.  The best part is, it does not require a PC for streaming.


Hubs had the Roku XD set up in no time.  It was simple enough, though, that I could have done it quickly as well.  I love that Roku offers a lot of free content, including the NASA channel.  We don’t have cable, so we’ve previously been unable to watch the NASA programming.


The Roku takes up very little space on the top of our TV, which is fabulous, because we had very little space to offer it.

My favorite part about the Roku?  We can now stream without ever having to turn on the computer!  Woot!

The only thing I would change is that given the chance, I would get the Roku XD|S, so that I could use my thumb drive on it to show off pictures when people come over to visit.  Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.  The Roku is also small enough that you can pack it into your bags when you travel.

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Roku—now playing: whatever you want.

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  1. Leah Walker says:

    Okay, I only understood a few words of that post. Lol. I am so techie illiterate. I very much want a TiVo type thing for us but am so confused by all that. I have been a stay at home mom, with the exception of a few part time jobs, for the past 15 years. That is only one year after I got out of high school. All this stuff wasn’t around then and in the one year of college I went to. Maybe my 15 year old will teach me one day.