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RobiComb- The Lice Zapping Comb

Press Sample

Lice: every parent of a school-aged child cringes at even the thought of the nasty little bugs that would love nothing more than to invade the hair of our precious children, lay their eggs, and generally make as much trouble for us as they possibly can.  I am no different.  In fact, the idea of head lice was one of my greatest concerns when making the choice to send our kids to public school.  Forget strep, flu, or chicken pox; head lice had me cowering in the corner like a baby.  Considering my fear of these tiny creatures, one would assume that I am well-versed on how to prevent and treat, should the opportunity (God-forbid) arise, right?  Nope.  No clue.  Sometimes denial just makes me happier!  So, when I was asked to review the RobiComb, a lice zapping comb from Lice Guard, I had to (gulp) face the fact that head lice are an unfortunate reality for the average school-aged child and their family.

RobiComb Box

When I first read the box, and all its claims, I immediately felt a little more at ease.  Not only will this comb kill existing lice and their eggs, it also helps prevent lice from ever taking up residence on my kids’ scalps, and it says it’s EASY to use!  I have three kids…easy is key, and the hassle that head lice treatment is (or so I’ve heard) is one of the things that make lice scary to me.  Also, if you recall my review of BabyGanics diapers, I like the idea of the products that I use on my kids being non-toxic.  I don’t want unnecessary or excessive chemicals on their skin, ready to be absorbed into their little bodies!  So, the fact that this product is effective without the use of chemicals is is vitally important to me.  Other benefits to this product: it is small and easy to use, the directions are clear and concise, and determining whether or not my kids even have lice is simple because the comb emits a high pitched frequency that turns off whenever it encounters lice during use.

RobiComb Claims

When I say this product is easy to use, I mean it’s really easy to use.  To prepare your child’s (or anyone, for that matter) head for use, simply brush through dry hair so that it is free of knots and tangles.  This is especially important in our house as we have a lot of long, thick hair going on!  Once the hair has been brushed, divide it into sections (I divided my girls’ hair into quarters) and comb through each section with the tines of the RobiComb pressed to the scalp.

Use of RobiComb

It is important to ensure that the comb touches every part of the scalp to ensure that it is able to detect the presence of lice.  As I stated before, the comb emits an audible frequency that tells users it’s working.  Were it to encounter lice, the sound would stop momentarily while the electricity in the comb zaps the lice, killing them on the spot (In case you were wondering, my kids are in the clear as the high pitched sound never wavered during use…SCORE!).  Nifty, huh?  I thought so, too.  I plan to use this comb several times a weeks on each of my girls (the instructions say 5 minutes of use per week) to help prevent head lice.  However, should they ever contract them, I am also prepared to treat them without the use of harsh chemicals, and for that I am happy!

The RobiComb is available for $29.99 and can be purchased online at and nationwide at CVS and Walgreens

Have you had to deal with head lice yet this year?  Does the thought make you cringe, too?

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