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Real Men Vacuum

Mister loves to vacuum…


Give him the Dirt Devil vacuum, and he is pleased as punch to vacuum the carpet…


or the linoleum…


He says vacuuming is a “daddy’s job,” since my husband usually does the vacuuming in the house.

Yes, ladies, I am raising him to believe that real men vacuum!


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  1. Hahaha that is great!! My hubby and I take turns so maybe I should teach hubby it’s daddy’s job.

  2. awwwww toooo cute look at him go. wtg little buddy

  3. Awesome, my son vacuumed our living room today.

  4. I think my husband needs to read this post. LOL

  5. Awwww, so cute! I can’t keep my son away from the vacuum. My husband on the other hand should see this post, lol. 😉

  6. So cute! What a big helper!

  7. My boys love to help me, too! So sweet!

  8. Awesome!!!! All men need to do it!

  9. This is so adorable! My 2 year old love our electric sweeper – he’ll crush cookies on the carpet JUST so I let him vacuum. lol

  10. What a great helper, training hm right mama

  11. Adorable!! Love it! Real men do vacuum! He is more than welcome to head over to my home when he is done!! 🙂

  12. Totally agree! My husband vacuums all the time…he’s a real man too 🙂

  13. April Decheine says:

    He is such a cutie, real men do vacuum! My hubby does 🙂

  14. Yes indeed! My hubby does the vacuuming in our home, as well. 🙂

  15. that is awesome!!!

  16. Our 7-year old loves to vacuum. The 11-year old, not so much. They’ve both seen me vacuum, but I’m better known for mowing the lawn.

  17. It looks like he does a GREAT job.

  18. Women are going to fight over that little guy!

  19. Looks like he’s doing a great job

  20. that’s great. Real men CAN vacuum!

  21. How adorable. My boys always loved to pretend vacuum and clean. Now that they are older, they still like to vacuum the house, but the rest of the cleaning has become less appealing to them.

  22. What a sweet helper! My husband and boys vacuum at our house too. 😉

  23. Very true and cute! My hubby shares all the chores.

  24. He is so adorable! My hubby does the vacuuming as well. I think it makes him even more handsome than he already is when he has a vacuum in his hand!

  25. I love it. Starting them early is the way to go.

  26. My house is a mess -whet time can he come over???

  27. they sure do! My husband loves to vacuum!

  28. Real men DO vacuum, just ask my husband 🙂

  29. Very cute. It’s really great that you’re exposing him to everyday household chores at this young an age. This will be a good start for him.