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Product Review: Soft Shoes from One Step Ahead

As I have written in the past, my son Mister has extremely sensitive skin due to being affected by Hay Wells Syndrome.  Because of the Hay Wells Syndrome, the skin on the tops of his feet and ankles breaks down very easily.  There have been many times when he was unable to wear shoes because of the pressure that shoes put on the tender areas.

Before he was able to walk, going shoeless was not a big deal.  But once he started toddling, he had to have something on his feet to protect them besides just socks.

That’s when we found Soft Shoes from One Step Ahead.

Soft Shoes are a One Step Ahead exclusive product.  They are made of nylon/spandex and are designed to soft and stretchy.  The material is breathable, so it doesn’t trap too much heat in.  They are easy to put on, and tough for the toddler to get off.  They have a soft lining and the soles have a non-skid surface.  They are heat/cold resistant.   They are also machine washable, which is a HUGE bonus in my book!

The Soft Shoes worked perfectly for us.  They protected Mister’s tender skin, and yet allowed him to explore and learn to walk without us having to worry.  We continue to use them anytime Mister’s skin is not healthy enough for “real” shoes.

Here is a picture of Mister sporting the Soft Shoes while playing outside.  The black ones have passed for dress shoes several times… LOL.


Available in sizes XS (3/4) to XL (11/12), we have gone through three sizes and have only to measure to be ready to order our next pair.

I highly recommend Soft Shoes to many mothers, and thought I would share them with you as well.

Learn more about Soft Shoes at One Step Ahead.

Browse One Step Ahead’s other products.

Be blessed!


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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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